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In Memoriam: Steve Tompkins

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Steven Bray Tompkins passed away suddenly on Monday, (March 23, 2009) at the Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. He leaves his parents, Gerald and Mary Tompkins of West Hartford, CT; a brother David of Marfa, TX; and twin brothers, Jeffrey of Brooklyn, NY and Mark of Los Angeles, CA. Steven was a 1978 graduate of Hall High School and a 1982 graduate of Columbia University. He had been employed by Bank of New York/Mellon Bank in Manhattan. An avid reader, he was fluent in German and published widely online and in print on American genre fiction.

Graveside Services at Fairview Cemetery in West Hartford will be held at the convenience of the family.

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In Memoriam: Steve Tompkins
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Read “The Mighty Revelator Passes: Tributes and Final Farewells to Steve Tompkins“

Links to online Tributes to Steve

  • Rusty Burke
  • Charles Gramlich
  • Leo Grin
  • Al Harron
  • Morgan Holmes
  • Howard Jones
  • Brian Murphy
  • Deuce Richardson
  • Damon C. Sasser
  • Charles Saunders
  • Steve Trout

“Black Stranger, White Wolflord Or, Not Out of the Woods Yet” was Steve’s final contribution to TGR, appearing in REH: Two-Gun Raconteur #12. You can read the essay here.

Steve was one of the original bloggers at the late, great Cimmerian blog. To read more of Steve’s outstanding essays, visit The Cimmerian Blog Archive.

The Steve Tompkins Collection

Before his unexpected death in 2009, Steve Tompkins was probably the most erudite of the Howard scholars on the scene.  A while back Leo Grin received the blessing of Steve’s family to publish a definitive collection of Steve’s essays, reviews and other material.

The book will soon be published by Leo’s Cimmerian Press. This is certainly good news for the many fans of the late, great critic’s work. Stay tuned for more details.

Cite this In Memoriam: Steve Tompkins

In Memoriam: Steve Tompkins. (2017, Jul 19). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/steve-tompkins/

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