“Still Separate, Still Unequal-America’s Educational Apartheid” Short Summary

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In his article titled “Still Separate, Still Unequal-America’s educational apartheid,” Kozol depicts the present condition of urban public schools and the segregation encountered by students in the American education system. Kozol underscores the striking disparity confronted by African American and Hispanic children in contemporary public schools. By presenting alarming statistics and percentages, Kozol illustrates the magnitude of segregation in America’s urban schools.

The text addresses the unequal distribution of resources and educational standards between suburban schools, primarily attended by white students, and inner-city schools impacted by poverty. It also acknowledges the creation of new schools in predominantly white neighborhoods to attract white students. However, when parents discover that these schools have a majority of African American and Hispanic students, they choose to enroll their children in private schools where there is a substantial presence of white students.

Despite this, there remains an unjustifiable disparity between black and white individuals in education and their daily lives. The author underscores the significance of financial resources in attaining a quality education, as evidenced by the contrasting curricula provided at private and public schools. It is noteworthy to mention that my niece attended a predominantly black and Hispanic community school yet managed to achieve a relatively high level of success.

Despite her parents’ financial circumstances, she is able to go to college by taking out a loan and using her financial aid. In a speech honoring the NAACP’s 100th anniversary celebration, the president emphasizes the importance of inspiring African American children to overcome obstacles such as high crime rates and challenges in low-income communities. The president insists that these difficulties should not be excuses for getting bad grades, missing classes, or quitting education by dropping out.

Your destiny is not predetermined by anyone else; it rests solely in your control. This crucial lesson should be imparted to every child, without exception. Through education, adversities encountered will only serve to fortify and equip you for competition. The president urges Caucasians to refrain from using racism as a justification for their educational deficiencies. Rather, he implores them to assert themselves and strive diligently, even if they do not encounter the same obstacles as white children.

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