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The article defines stress as a mental or emotional strain resulting from adverse or very demanding situations. Stress can be positive, known as stutters, which motivates and inspires, or negative, known as distress, which can cause worry or unease. Both types of stress can be found in everyday life, especially in school and work. The pressures of managing extracurricular activities, grades, sports, college applications, and family and social life can be stressful for students. The article suggests that stress can be caused by various pressures and affects both children and adults, regardless of their home life.

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Stress is the mental or emotional strain or tension caused by adverse or demanding circumstances. It can manifest as anxiety in uncomfortable situations. Although most definitions portray stress negatively, there are two variations: eustress and distress. Eustress refers to stress that is considered beneficial and brings a sense of fulfillment.

The stress that drives a person to persist and persevere can also serve as a source of motivation. It is important to have a reasonable amount of stress to maintain happiness and inspiration. However, excessive positive stress can turn into distress, which is associated with negative emotions like worry, nervousness, and unease. Everyday situations, such as school or work, home life, and even global events, can harbor both types of stress.

Both school and work can be sources of significant stress for many individuals. In the case of school-related stress, it is challenging to identify a single activity or situation that contributes the most to this stress. Nevertheless, in this context, stress may appear in various forms including juggling extracurricular activities, sports involvement, and academic performance. The burden of maintaining a high GPA, achieving good test scores, finishing college applications and essays, attending sports practices and club meetings, managing family responsibilities while also maintaining a social life can become exceptionally overwhelming for certain individuals.

Participating in competitive activities, whether they are sports or academics, is generally viewed as a positive characteristic. However, it often results in feelings of anxiety and discomfort. As previously mentioned, an excessive amount of pressure to succeed can have negative effects on one’s mental health. The stress faced by students at school may vary depending on the type of activity and can be triggered by different factors. Even individuals who receive support at home may still experience stress due to situations such as financial difficulties, divorce, relocating to a new area, or the addition of a new family member. These situations serve as examples of the presence of stress.

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