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Stress: Definition

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Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Stress can come in the form of anxiety, and be triggered when exposed to uncomfortable situations. While most definitions suggest a negative connotation, there are actually two different variations of the word stress: stutters and distress. Stutters is stress that is deemed as healthful and gives feeling of fulfillment.

This is the stress that motivates one to persevere and keep fighting.

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Stress: Definition
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A healthy dose of stutters is needed in order to stay happy and inspired, but too much of the positive stress can lead to the negative stress, otherwise known as distress. Distress is what makes one feel pessimistic emotions, such as worry, nervousness, or unease. Both stutters and distress can be found in a variety of everyday locations, such as school/work, home, and even the world at large.

School and work are the top two places where one will find itself stressed out the most.

Focusing in on the school aspect, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific activity or circumstance in which one is stressed the most. Stress can be exemplified in this instance as balancing extracurricular activities, sports, and grades. The pressures of managing your GAP, test scores, college applications and essays, sports practices, club meetings, family life, and social life can be extremely stressful for some people.

While being competitive in school, such as sports or even academically, can be considered stutters, it often leads to distress. As stated before, too much of the motivational stress can lead to the self-destructing stress. School stress is any range between these two types of stress, and can be caused from many varietals pressures. Even someone with the best possible home life will have things that cause stress, whether an adult or a child. Finances, divorce, moving, new Adonis to the family, depict Stress: Definition Essay By Jordan-Cassette

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Stress: Definition. (2017, Jul 21). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/stress-definition-essay-5005/

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