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Stretch R Wings Analysis

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Describe the components of Stretch ‘r Wings sales approach. This company’s sales approach is well put together. I say this because when you get to section 5 ( Strategy and Implementation Summary), you see everything that an investor would want to see in a business plan. Let’s start with the Competitive Edge which breaks down the company’s product and features like an Aluminum frame and also explain some of their competitors product so the investor that the plan is presented to can compare and contrast and answer the question why they should invest.

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Stretch R Wings Analysis
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The Sales Strategy was very informative and smart because they are hiring sales experts in the aviation field with sales expertise. Any investor that looks at this business plan would be interested because it covers almost every base of questions that the investor would have. The Milestone section was well thought out and it also broke down when and what the company wants to accomplish and have done by certain dates.

I like how at the beginning of each section there is an explanation of the section.

The Sales Forecast shows the expected sales projections for the company’s sales. The chart helped investors see how the company expected its profit margins to grow. Discuss whether or not you think their sales plan is effective for a business in that market with that marketing mix. I think their sales plan is effective and possesses the four P’s of marketing which is product, price, place(distribution) and promotion. In the sales plan I see the different marketing tools that they are using such as a marketing analysis, sales strategy and products.

If Stretch ‘r Wings was a real company. I think they would be very successful because their business plan has all the information that anyone would need. Discuss whether or not you think they have enough detail in their business plan to effectively communicate their sales plan. Personally, they do have enough detail to effectively communicate their sales plan, but something’s could have been described more in depth. Certain terms like STC which is a NAA approved major modification or repair to an existing type certified aircraft, engine or propeller.

As it adds to the existing type certificate, it is deemed ‘supplemental’. I think this term should have been explained more because what if you have an investor that wanted to invest that is not familiar with FAA terms and definitions. The company may have lost an investor because when someone is investing their money they want everything explained to the max in a business plan. Suggest additions and changes to their sales plan to make it more comprehensive and to better communicate the sales approach.

The only thing I can find that I would add is a more in depth explanation of the STC term so every investor will understand what the term means. I would also provide a chart and more in depth information of my sales strategy. For the sales strategy I would have provided the education and background that the sales experts that we hire will need to possess. To apply with our company, further more I would have also implemented a training program so that the company can keep the staff and sales experts up to date with new information concerning the aviation field and medical supplies.

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