A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

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What would be your first impression if you saw a homeless person asking for money? It would either be; ‘what a bum? They are trying to scam us because they are just lazy to work’ or feel sympathy for the struggle the individual and give them leftover change. In the Straight Down E 14th st, la nina goes back to her house begging her mother to take her back, however in the eyes of her mother she was not p disrespected and dishonored her home. In the A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings: A Tale For Children, the individuals who found the man ignored the fact that he had wings but instead were judging his appearances. Once they found out he was an angle they put him on displayed for the world to come and admired. Social norms are obeyed because people fear to be the outsiders.

From the moment her mother answered the door she refer to her daughter as ‘nina,’ badgering her on why she came back instead of questing why she was bleeding or how it happen. At one point her mother refers to her as ‘La Paloma,’ as she tries to get Eleuterio to go over and deal with her. Her mother pointed out that she was still speaking vato, “like them”, implying that her daughter is engaging with a certain group of friends that don’t speak to her liking. “Oyeme no! Aqui somos buenos catolicos. Que te pasa, nina? Stand up straight. Or are you too drunk again? You said you wanted independencia. So go find it. Leave us alone,” her mother empathize that its a religious household.

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A very old man with enormous wings, analysis the reaction of a human to those who are different. It illustrates how Elisenda and Pelayo were standing over the laying body of an old man, just standing there judging his appearance. Once they heard this stranger voice they assumed he was a castaway from some foreign ship, however, ignoring the fact that he had wings. They consulted a woman who has a different perspective and imitaly knew it was an angel despite that they could not accept it. Since their son was sick rather than killing the old man Pelayo and Elisenda imprison him in the chicken coop outside. After all they felt generous and decided to leave him on a raft with provisions for three days, however, later that night they found the neighborhood in front of the angel observing it as if it were a circus animal. Stranger were tossing him things to eat, gawk at him, and even burn him with a branding iron. Once they discover that they can profit from showcasing Pelayo and Elisenda imprison him in the chicken coop outside him regardless to the old man’s difficult situation their was hardly a kind act.

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