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My Friends in My Life

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My friends are supportive towards what I want to do in life and my priorities. They all know that first is school, then it is my running, and then whatever else comes up. My friends motivate me to accomplish my goals. They help me with the small things, like call me to make sure I’ve done my homework or even ask who I felt about practice. My friends also help me with the big things like showing up to my meets and cheering me on or help me study for the big test the next day.

I will get to my goals in life with my friends and there support. Not only do they help me, but I also help them. My friends and I are very similar and want the same things in life.

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My Friends in My Life
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I like doing hair. Anything from blow-drying to braiding, I absolutely love it! People often make a living with doing hair by opening a salon or working at a shop.

They style your hair and it will cost you a ridiculous price. Styling people hair is not something I look forward to making a career out of in life. It is more of something I would do part time. Doing people hair will make me very happy, but at the same time it is a job that you don’t need a lot to qualify for.

I have many hidden talents and they are all very strange. One of my best-hidden talents is that I could be a ragdoll. I am very flexible. Anyone can pick me up, wiggle my arms or legs, throw me, anything and I can mimic the motions of a ragdoll (only when I want to). I also have a very good memory. I never forget a name or face. It is funny because my memory doesn’t work when it comes to school subjects. If I was at a birthday 6 years ago, today I would be able to tell you what you got, how your face looked, and what you wore. I can also walk on my hands. The people that know about my ragdoll and walking on hands skills, they often tell me I could have a career at the circus.

Many of my friends are my role models. My first role model is Josie Le. She been through so much in life and is very.

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