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Advantages and Disadvantages Studying Abroad

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In the modern world we live,knowing foreign languages and obtaining qualitative studies is a representative index of welfare for future specialist in any field. I will be a student in a couple of days and if I have to a make a choice between studying here in Moldova and abroad surely i would choose abroad. There are many reasons which lead me to do this. It cannot be denied that a large number of students now choose to attend universities outside their home country, and this tendency leads to opposing opinions about whether this is advantageous or not.

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Advantages and Disadvantages Studying Abroad
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Many argue that studying at a foreign university may offer some benefits, whereas others claim that it obviously brings certain difficulties and challenges. It is true to say that studying abroad often offers a better education for students. For instance, accessing to modern facilities such as: fully-equipped laboratories, well-stocked libraries, comfortable classrooms and other facilities.

Additionally, they can also work with highly-skilled professors; especially increasing chance for a good career after graduation owing to a diploma granted by a prestigious university is attractive to employers.

Naturally, it is really a chance for a student’s personal development, this is because they must be self-reliant, responsible for their deed as well as budget time and money themselves. Moreover, it is considered as an opportunity for a student to experience a different culture.

Nevertheless, some people believe that going overseas to study brings inevitable disadvantages. Needless to say, culture shock is an obsession for most of students. The explanation for this is that they have to face something that seems totally strange to them like: food, weather or language barrier. Of course, studying abroad costs them a large amount of money, apart from students who win scholarships. Furthermore, homesickness is another detriment due to being far away from their home.

In brief, although studying abroad will certainly bring benefits as well as difficulties, it is undeniable that this will help students have a better life in the future because they are educated in a good studying environment. Therefore, I suppose the difficulties and challenges of studying abroad are completely dominated by its advantages. Finally I would add that each of us would like to have the opportunity to experience something extraordinary,we just need to learn to make it right and to take conclusive decisions.

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Advantages and Disadvantages Studying Abroad. (2017, Jan 29). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/advantages-and-disadvantages-studying-abroad/

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