Requierements For Mastering in Nursing Program

Success in the Master’s Nursing Program clearly requires strict organization and adherence to requirements which is certainly a commitment I am willing to make. Already it is clear that assistance through networking with professionals in the field is going to be necessary for success but this is already an area I have a significant amount of experience in from my past relationships and externships with professionals in my local area. The firm establishment in networking with professionals locally is a requirement of the program that I am already well established in which makes me a suitable candidate for the program.

The best chance to succeed in a very specialized and formal educational setting such as this is through a combination of these already established networking relationships and completing the required tasks, objectives, and obligations of the Master’s Nursing Program substantially in advance. In addition to meeting the qualifications for the program, my plan for succeeding in the program without any doubt is through the preparation and completion of all tasks, assignments, and obligations substantially ahead of time. One of the greatest elements of success in any type of educational context I have found is preparing everything well ahead of time. Preparing work ahead of time guarantees that it is completed as it is intended to be an according to all of the instructions. Rushing to complete an objective, on the other hand, is almost guaranteed to lead to less than optimal results.

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For this reason, my plan is to complete most of the work for each portion of the program very well ahead of time and to have it verified by the supervisor in the program to ensure that it meets all requirements and is adequate for passing. I have already networked and established myself with local professionals in my area. I have attended an out of study externship during which I received a substantial amount of exposure in the area of pediatrics which is highly recommended in this particular field (DeWitty, 2016).

I was able to establish the networking through my local church while growing up and that is what led me to be able to pursue these types of educational relationships with the area’s local professionals. My work in the past has allowed me to enter the field with a significant amount of experience and background to help assist me in finding suitable position for this program in particular. My goal is to work out the specifics with the program and the professionals involved very well ahead of time to ensure that all of the requirements and obligations are met. The combination of utilizing the advantages of my past experiences as well as closely paying attention to and following the requirements of the program are most likely to be my greatest tools for success in this type of program. In the field of nursing and pediatrics in general, there is no room for error and so my plan is to incorporate this into my professional education in the field as well.

This includes reading up and becoming well versed in regulations that are relevant to the area of practice being observed as well as ensuring that all administrative requirements are met in addition to practical obligations (Grace, 2017). I should always be aware of the next objective on the schedule and the next important calendared date. Working together with the Master’s Nursing Program to establish a firm link between the institution and the organization I am to complete the clinical portion of the program in is going to be the first and most important objective upon admission to ensure validity in terms of the program. For this reason, as mentioned before, it will be critical that these objectives be completed as fast as possible upon admission. I already have a solid understanding of the general direction I am to proceed in this regard due to my past experiences and exposure in the field. My idea is to capitalize on this in order to be able to meet the competitive requirements and obligations associated with this particular masters program.

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