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Sunday Is My Favorite Day Of The Week

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Sunday is by far and has always been my favorite day of the week. When I tell people this they usually look at me like I am crazy. Most people seem to like Friday or Saturday best, but for me, Sunday just always seems better.

Sundays have a pleasant, relaxing routine too them. There is nothing that has to be done since most of the “chores” for the week such as laundry, grocery shopping and house cleaning have all been completed on Saturday.

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Sunday Is My Favorite Day Of The Week
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This makes Sunday feel like the ultimate relaxation day because all of the tasks that hang over my head during the rest of the week are actually complete on Sunday!

While I believe in God, I do not go to church, so there is never any rush to start the day on Sunday. Being a “morning person” by nature though I am usually awake and going by 7:30 at the latest.

If we are home we have a pretty set routine for Sunday.

Mike usually picks up a Chicago Tribune and donuts or we make breakfast at home. I just find such peace in reading the newspaper and eating a leisurely breakfast. We usually have my parents over for lunch so I spend the rest of the morning p utzing around the kitchen preparing lunch for all of us. I enjoy cooking and it is a nice way to spend some time with my parents.

In the afternoon I usually spend a lot of quality time with my computer. I have a chance to catch-up on any blogs I didn’t have time to read earlier in the week and to just surf the internet. To me, this is the ultimate indulgence!

Dinner usually consists of take-out or, if Mike and I are feeling really motivated, we might make a nice dinner on Sunday night together. This is nice because if on week nights I am typically in charge of dinner since I am home so much earlier than Mike. After dinner we usually watch a movie or TV series that we have rented from Netflix and head to bed early. A Sunday at home always leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to start the week. If we aren’t home, we are usually at Mike’s.

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