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Murder on a Sunday Morning

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David Cole wrote, “Our criminal justice system affirmatively depends on inequality. ” Race and class have long been issues in the criminal justice system, but does the system “affirmatively depend on inequality? ” Does the criminal justice system depend on the disparities of the people that it serves? I have been learning about our criminal justice systems for three years, and consistently going to different types of Courts for assignments and my own interests in order to eye witness the court systems and how the main figures in Courts perform fairly in following the U.

S. Constitutions.

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Murder on a Sunday Morning
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For the most of time, Judges were diligent, patient, courteous, and fair minded, the Defense Attorneys and the Prosecutors were efficient in the preparation and trial of the case, and seemed to respect each other in dealing with the case and even the police officers seemed to be adequately trained in courtroom decorum, respecting every person in the courtroom without any biased. However, after watch the documentary film, “Murder on a Sunday Morning” directed by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, I started to question about the reality of the American Criminal Justice System and thought American justice is possibly somewhat blind.

The film relates to the course in a several different ways, but I found the issue of Due Process the most significant topic in the documentary because it well presents the inadequacy of the American Justice System where it is supposed to be ensured by Appellate Process. I clearly remember learning about the Appellate Process which is supposed to act as a shield for defendant guaranteed by the Due Process. In this incident an African-American teen was arrested for the murder and armed robbery of a white tourist in Jacksonville based only upon the eye-witness account of the tourist’s husband.

The teen was subsequently denied the right to make his phone call or contact an attorney, interrogated for an inordinate amount of time, threatened, racially slurred, struck several times, and forced to sign a false confession admitting to having committed the crime. While one can speculate that these injustices were the result of a few immoral police officers, there are many subtle factors that could have contributed to the result of this incident and others like it all over America.

In addition, the fact that the criminal justice system relies heavily on eye witnesses for the prosecution of the accused made feel sorry for the defendant who are actually innocent. Last semester when my other CCJS class had a guest speaker from the area of forensic science, he told the class that in several scientific studies it was found that witnesses were rarely accurate in their descriptions In several scientific studies it was found that witnesses were rarely accurate in their descriptions of their assailants, and were only able to identify them roughly more than half the time.

This is a major problem with the criminal justice system as many innocent people have been sent to jail based upon the recounts of just such a witness. If the police involved had conducted their investigation properly, it is likely that the accused would’ve been found guilty in this situation based upon the witness’s recount. Conversely, if forensic science is more frequently employed over the use of witnesses its possible that such mistakes will occur less often. The downsides to this method are the cost of these forensic processes and the fact that such scientific data will often confuse a deciding jury.

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