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Sustainability reflection paper

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HRIR 5000 Assignment 1: Initial Reflection Paper

As a global citizen, it is challenging for me to live the way without compromising the needs of future generations. Because there are many new products and advertisements coming out every day to encourage you to buy something you want instead of something you need. However, as a future HR leader in the multinational company, I am eager to help my organization move toward sustainability in the global economy because I hope my company can use the resources more efficiently to be competitive in the long term.

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Sustainability reflection paper
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I would like to learn the process of implementing a sustainability project in my organization from the beginning to the end and how I can promote the concept of sustainability in other organizations, so my goal in this class can involve the following aspects:

1. Why does sustainability matter? Why is it important to us? How does sustainability relate to our daily life (environment, society, and economy)?

2. What is the result of using the resources without thinking sustainability?

3. What is the conflict between sustainability and company profit in the short term and the long term?

4. What are the current trends? How many fortune 500 companies are working on sustainability? What is the ROI and other benefits of the sustainability project in the short term and the long term?

5. Besides ROI, what is the influence on employee engagement?

6. What do the supplier, customer, and investor think about sustainability?

7. What are the possible challenges and solutions for implementing the sustainability project?

8. What are the successful and failed cases of the sustainability project?

9. How to manage changes in implementing the sustainability project?

10. How do we monitor the improvement of sustainability?

11. What are the effective persuasion skills to get everyone on board?

12. How does the law/regulation play a role in this topic?
13. What is the point of view in different industries on this topic?

14. What is the standard process to implement a global sustainability project?

After getting the exposure to the topics above, I believe that I can prepare myself for the challenges of sustainability projects. HR definitely plays
an important role in shaping the company culture to promote the concept and the process of sustainability. Usually a sustainability project is cross functional and involves changes. Thus, effective communication with stakeholders and the support from leadership are very significant. I hope to work in the organization willing to spend resources on sustainability. I would like to lead the project and promote the concept within the organization. On the other hand, I also want to promote it outside the organization. I may work as a lecturer or external consultant to achieve this goal. Overall, getting everyone on board on sustainability is the key success factor. At first we need to gain the leaders’ support and implement it by using the top-down strategy in selected departments as a pilot run. Also, it takes time to educate the employees. After making sure the employees get the basic understanding of sustainability, I will try to involve the subject matter experts to brainstorm the new process and hold training of new operations. There may be some complaints coming out at this point. However, fostering the open communication and making sure everyone is on the same page can help to ease the stress to get buy-in and manage the changes. After a certain period, I hope to show the leaders and the employees the cost we save and the improved efficiency. Once the employees become familiar with the new process, I will roll it out to other departments. My final goal is to bundle the sustainability into the HR process such as recruiting and training. I hope every employee can internalize the concept and be the promoter and facilitator of sustainability. In addition, I hope every employee from the CEO to the janitor is happy and proud of the effort the organization put into sustainability and understands the value of saved cost and the improved efficiency.

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