Pestel And Swot Analysis Of Hotel X Tourism

Hotel X operates in a disconnected industry mostly controlled by the invitees and their discriminatory demands. The strategic audit involved analyzing ; the macro-environment by the PESTEL theoretical account, the competitory industry environment by the Porter ‘s Five Forces theoretical account, the cardinal stakeholders outlooks and the internal strengths and failings.

This SWOT analysis concludes the strengths ( merchandises, trade name, people, VmV and accreditation/certification ) , the failings ( location, authoritative suites, auto parking, public presentation direction and engineering ) , the chances ( BRIC, Rugby World Cup 2011, market demographics, corporate duty force per unit area, and the 90 twenty-four hours test period jurisprudence ) and the menaces ( new National, Conference Centre, long-run contracts with buyers/suppliers, economic system, and engineering ) .

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Hotel X should be after its scheme around distinction by supplying the highest quality merchandises and services unique from the remainder of the industry. Bettering the hotels weaknesses is a realistic manner to better the growing and profitableness for the organisation. Recommendations are provided for the betterment of Hotel X ‘s failings.



‘If you do n’t cognize where your concern is traveling, any route will acquire you at that place. ‘ ( TUVRheinland Group ) . Business scheme is a driving force in the success of organisations ; every bit long as the scheme for the organisation is analyzed in footings of the environments. This paper is a strategic analysis of the environments for Hotel X[ 1 ].

Company Background

Hotel X is a prima hotel in Auckland. The services and merchandises provided include adjustment, nutrient and drink, event locales, watering place and wellness nine installations. Their purpose is to turn market portion and profitableness by keeping 5 star degree services[ 2 ]. This is supported by Hotel X ‘s vision statement: Know Our Guests, Build Great Memories.

Industry Description: Definition and Drivers

Hotel X is positioned in the high-end[ 3 ]hotel[ 4 ]industry within Auckland City[ 5 ]. ‘The hotel industry is a sub-section of the Travel and Tourism industry… one of the most quickly spread outing Fieldss ‘ ( Go & amp ; Pine, 1995, p. 26 ) . It is a disconnected industry as hotels are driven by the services they provide and the consumers they can pull. Factors that influence this consumer choice are ; the location of the hotel, the installations available, the monetary value per dark and the size of the installation. High-end hotels in Auckland compete for independent and corporate travellers, both domestic and international.

Macro-Environment Analysis

The PESTEL theoretical account was used for analyzing chances and menaces to Hotel X and the sum-up of the major factors can be found in Appendix 2.

Political Factors

New Zealand general elections may convey alterations to authorities and influencing statute law.

Trade understandings have a positive correlativity with touristry. Procuring trade understandings with BRIC would make important growing in concern.

Economic Factors

With abroad economic systems in recession, the worsening New Zealand dollar[ 6 ], the addition in fuel costs and the GST addition, it is more expensive for people sing New Zealand. There is a lessening in the trust on abroad visitants and income.

There will be short-run growing with the Rugby World Cup 2011.While this would merely be a little injection over the months of September/October, there is possible for ensuing growing in returning invitees.

Social Factors

Consumer sentiments on merchandises and services can rapidly construct or decrease a trade name and company image. The increasing usage of societal media to derive entree to this information can be unsafe to growing for companies who do non supervise and keep trade name criterions.

The impact of economic factors is seen in the demographics of the Auckland market. The strong short-haul markets can be a benefit as they buffer the industry during periods of important decrease in long-haul markets ( New Zealand Hotel Council ) .

Technological Factors

Innovation potency is held back by holding to equilibrate the demands of the invitees ‘ poetries what they are prepared to pay for. Technology does non replace personal touches, but allows for storage of information on the penchants of invitees. Auckland hotels need to upgrade their services when compared to international criterions in order to keep consumer outlooks ( Hotel Technology Resource, 2011 ) .

Environmental Factors

There is increasing force per unit area to be environmentally responsible. The force per unit area has created organisations such as EarthCheck who provide enfranchisements to organisations run intoing peculiar demands[ 7 ]and Qualmark with their Enviro Assured Grading System[ 8 ]. Increasingly some consumers will merely prosecute with companies which hold peculiar enfranchisements.

Legal Factors

Current brotherhood dialogues will find the demands of the hotels towards their employees, the impact of this will be determined after the dialogues.

The 90 twenty-four hours test period in employment jurisprudence allows companies to use people best suited for places. The best employees in the best places increases efficiency, productiveness, satisfaction and general well-being therefore cut downing costs to the company.

Competitive Industry Analysis

The Porters theoretical account[ 9 ]was used for analyzing the industry competition for Hotel X and the sum-up of the major factors can be found in Appendix 9.

Menace of New Entrants

Hotel X has one of the largest map suites in Auckland with capacity of 1500. This attracts some of New Zealand ‘s important maps such as the approaching Rugby World Cup Prize giving. The proposed National Convention Centre will endanger Hotel X ‘s long-run market portion of maps.

Dickering Power of Suppliers

Employees provide most of the service for invitees. Hotel providers do non keep much power, there are frequently a big figure of providers available. Many high-end hotels have contracts with cab companies. The cost of exchanging these contracts is high.

Dickering Power of Buyers

Hotels provide the same point to the same market so necessitate a strong trade name to distinguish from competition. There are limited times that client ‘s basic demands can non be met[ 10 ].

There are big Numberss of corporate travellers who stay in a hotel that they have long-run contracts with. Hotel X may fight to regenerate its contract with Telecom due to Telecoms move to the lower CBD.

Power of Substitutes

The menace of replacements depends on the demands of the client. As most invitees desiring to remain in high-end hotels are anticipating quality over cost, it could be expected that substitutes to this industry do non present a big menace.

Intensity of Industry Rivalry

The strong industry growing in the touristry sector ( Go & amp ; Pine, 1995 ) should intend that there is a low competition amongst hotels as there are an increasing figure of invitees. However, the merchandises that hotels provide are indistinguishable on a basic degree ( the quality may change ) and this low distinction and easiness exchanging leads to a strong competition.

Stakeholder Analysis

The outlooks of the persons and groups that influence the concern scheme for Hotel X are summarized in Appendix 11.

The scheme for Hotel X was developed by the manager and is entwined with his personal values ; his dedication to the organisation ensures he retains control over scheme and growing.

The invitees and clients of Hotel X may see the hotel as of import to them during their short term relationship nevertheless merely the concern clients and invitees who are prosecuting with the organisation on a regular footing hold any importance for quality service on a long-run footing.

Attitudes of the employees are orientated around supplying quality service but the importance of the hotel to them is more for the chance of employment it provides.

Hotel X understands the importance of the media in supplying selling chances nevertheless the media do non hold the same opposite demand.

Hotel X is besides non of big importance for the local authorities as, while the hotel provides local revenue enhancements and occupations, it does non hold any impact on the growing of local authorities gross. The attitudes of this stakeholder are consistent with the hotel on factors like environmental duty nevertheless non consistent with net income factors.

Organizational Capabilities


Hotel X ‘s merchandises hold value between monetary value paid and quality received. The merchandises ; 411 suites, four nutrient and drink mercantile establishments, watering place and installations, twelve map locales, all set 5 star criterions and are upgraded as thoughts develop.

There is strong selling of the Hotel X trade name in the industry as ‘luxury ‘ and ‘elegance ‘ . The construct is carried through media, including societal media which is to a great extent monitored to increase positive trade name consciousness.

The multiple ethnicities of the 400 employees mean guest communicating has become less debatable. Hotel X has used the Vision, mission and Values ( VmV ) to make a positive employee civilization.

Hotel X holds multiple accreditations including ; Best Hotel from New Zealand Scenic Tours, Studiosus Award, and World Travel Awards, the Innovation/Sustainability Award from NZ Hotel Conference, EarthCheck Silver Status[ 11 ], and Qualmark Gold Status[ 12 ].


Hotel X in the upper CBD is a distance from metropolis activities. While the hotel provides a shuttle around town, there is non the flexibleness ( or positions ) as a premier metropolis location.

The authoritative suites have yet to be updated These suites are of the same size as executive suites but the decor is dated and non up to the same 5 leading criterion as the other merchandises provided.

The hotel does non supply auto Parkss for employees or invitees except for gentleman parking. The metropolis location makes it is expensive to park in nearby edifices. Public conveyance is limited.

The procedures in topographic point for public presentation direction are limited. Short term direction is strong with acknowledgment plans but the nexus is losing to one-year reviews/promotions, future ends are non quantified.

Hotel X limits its market by non yet holding wireless cyberspace available throughout the hotel. Technology is an country that would better guest satisfaction and productiveness.


The sum-up of the SWOT analysis can be referred to in Appendix 12.

Hotel X, seeks high degrees of growing and profitableness. While the merchandise, trade name and people are strengths, there is an issue maintaining services consistent without good public presentation direction. Organizations now have the advantage of a 90 twenty-four hours test period to maximise the job-person tantrum in the organisation which should correlate to take down costs and higher profitableness. The location of Hotel X will put a restriction on the growing of the organisation.

The current merchandises that the hotel provides are strengths. The 5 star quality of these merchandises and services create value for invitees. There are some failings nevertheless with the decor of the Classic suites, deficiency of auto parking and limited usage of engineering. The hotel needs to stay on top of new inventions to guarantee the merchandises and services are continuously upgraded.

Hotel Ten has the chance of the turning BRIC market and the approaching Rugby World Cup. It plans to serve these growing chances while still keeping a clasp in the domestic markets as a buffer to the menace of the economic system curtailing international touristry.

The generic scheme that Hotel X should follow is distinction. Already Hotel X has started to distinguish their merchandise from the industry as supported by the strength of its accreditations and enfranchisements. It is possible for Hotel X to distinguish non merely through the strength of its merchandises but besides its people and the Vision, Mission and Values.

The strong trade name and chance for acknowledgment of corporate duty will let Hotel X to develop a dominant place. The menace to this is the fight of the industry troubles with long-run contracts and the menace of a National Conference Centre.


These recommendations will concentrate on bettering the failings of Hotel X,

Performance direction strategies for employees should be introduced to keep 5 star criterions, as services the hotel provides involve guest/employee interaction. Goals set to pull off public presentation must be decided on jointly between organisation and employee in order to authorise co-workers. Particular salary and pay reappraisals should be initiated every bit good as an inducement strategy based around accomplishing cardinal public presentation indexs.

The authoritative room merchandise needs to be redecorated to keep merchandise consistence to fulfill client demands.

Technology in peculiar, a hotel broad Wi-Fi system needs to be developed, to maintain up with 5 star international criterions.

Car parking demands to be addressed by negociating with Wilson Parking to either take back the direction of the auto park or rent extra auto Parkss. The excess auto Parkss would hold to fulfill the invitee needs first.

Location is one failing that can non be changed so the best recommendation for this is to increase the countries the bird coach thrusts to and renegociating the cab contract so that menus are cheaper for invitees traveling between the upper and lower CBD.

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