Art history Topics

Art History Writing Assignment

Guerrilla, a painting by Pablo Picasso is perhaps one of his moss t famous works. It gained its rise to fame when it was taken o n a worldwide tour. However, something that is not very well known about this certain piece of artwork is the political message behind it. Apparently, the painting is a tribute to...

Art History Assignment Ancient Egypt

Mother cat and four kittens are made of bronze and the group is on semi-circular bronze base, set into a wooden base. Black color was used to paint the wooden base, but some parts missing large amount of color and has several scratches. The mother cat wears a necklace engraved around her neck. In the front...

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Vocabulary for art history Essay

School Of artist an art historical term describing a group Of artist, usually work at the same time and sharing similar styles, influence or ideals. The artist in a particular school may not necessary be directly associated with one another, unlike those in the work shop or atelier. Iconography the study of...

Canadian Art History: The Human Figure Essay

Canadian Art History: The Human Figure
            Paintings of the past represent different levels of human existence. Still images are captured by the use of different mediums to emphasize a certain viewpoint that is aesthetically interesting. Pablo Picasso once stated that artists paint subjects as they...

Art History Ara Pacis Augustae Essay

During the Early to High Empire period, the Roman Empire was at the peak of wealth, power and status. In light of maintaining this reputation, emperors and artists used art and architecture to display their times of achievement and hierarchy. Two constant themes that I saw within Roman art is both imperial...

Gender Issues Art Production & Art History Essay

Describe How Issues of Gender Are Important to the Production of Art and the Writing of Art HistoryFeminism has given new and of import penetrations into the production of art and the survey of art history. It has non merely helped us to detect the work of ignored adult females creative persons but has...

Art history Essay

George Bellows achieved the ends of the `` Ashcan school '' and `` The Eight '' but differed in the sense that he painted with an expressionist daring yet kept modernist ideals. George Bellows was an American painter known for his bold word pictures of New York City, and harmonizing to some was `` the most...

Australian Art History Essay

Art in Australia
            Australian Art does not refer only to Aboriginal Art but as well as to the Post Colonial Art. The School of Heidelberg is often associated with the beginning of Australian Arts. This school had been built in the year 1880’s. Achieving a truer account of Australian condition had...

Art history Essay

                                                           Art History
            The evolution of the free-standing male nude in Greek sculpture represents not only the evolution of artistic techniques, but the evolution of a cultural aesthetic and vision which corresponds to an historical evolution from...

Art History Goya Essay

                                                           Art History: Goya

            The range of themes, emotions, and techniques evidenced in the work of the Spanish painter Goya are unsurpassed by any other artist known to history. With an unflinching gaze toward war, human love, the deceit and...

Art history: Functions of portraiture in 18th century britain Essay

Overview of Portraiture
            Portraiture involves the process of painting, sculpting or photographing a portrait.  It is a process of recording people.   Artists capture an individual’s personality, character, status, the place and time they lived, and the environment in which they lived, through...

Art history Essay

Renaissance was marked by “a turn from medieval life and values dominated by the Church toward the philosophical principles of humanism (SparkNotes, 2006).” The philosophy of humanism emphasized the potential for individual achievement. During this period in the mid-fourteenth century, the cultural shift...

Art History Analysis Essay

Art History Analysis Essay
            Renaissance was a period in Europe that existed during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Bespeaking “rebirth,” renaissance was a time focused on humanism (Kamien 75). As the term implied, humanism refers to “human life and its accomplishment (75). It was age where...

Representation of women in art history: Changes in 1800 and onwards Essay

Representation of women in art history:
Changes in 1800 and onwards
                                   I.            Introduction:
Present day society sees a woman functioning and fulfilling a variety of roles. She can be a mother, a wife, who can also happen to be in a position of influence or power in...

Comparing Art Essay

Comparing Art
            Art is a commodity; and Flemish art in the 17th century is no different. This paper will seek to compare and contrast the artwork of Jordaens and Van Dyck through the aspects of not only their use of color, composition and subject matter but also how the global audience or the art...

Art History Essay

Art History
1. Discuss the hidden, and not-so-hidden, symbols in Campin’s Merode Altarpiece.
Robert Campin’s Merode Altarpiece is a three-panel painting which is noted for its charming detail and use of warm oil colors. Taking a close look at this early 15th century painting brings before us some striking...

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