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The statue of Ni-ka-re, His Wife and Their Daughter is one of the best examples of how Egyptian artists Essay

As Egyptians believed in the afterlife, they tried to do everything possible in order to make it better, improve it and provide a person with everything he or she would possibly need after leaving this world. Egyptian, especially prosperous and rich ones, used to make large tombs for all the family members...

Makeup Artist Essay

Makeup Artist


This paper explains the profession of makeup artistry in depth and sheds light to its pros and cons along with explaining my interest in the field.



Since the dawn of civilization, one has always perceived of occupations that would give satisfaction. With...

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Artists Apart: Roy Lichtenstein & Paul Reed Essay

Artists Apart: Roy Lichtenstein & Paul Reed
Roy Fox Lichtenstein and Paul Reed are two American artists of notable worth. And while both were contemporaries, each were distinguished in their own fields. Roy Fox Lichtenstein, born in 1923, was known for his pop art and comic book styles of drawing. His...

Facts on Artistic Sculptures and their Creators Essay

Facts on Artistic Sculptures and their Creators
This paper tends to compare the sculptural works of two certain artists who are Deborah Butterfield and Judy Fox. Included in this paper is an analysis and elaboration of one of their certain work’s genre or parallelism on style or on other aspect of the...

Artists and Society Essay

Artists in the late nineteenth century resembled renaissance artists because both of them tried to challenge societal concepts. The extent to which artists in both eras expressed those notions shall be examined in detail subsequently. However, these artists operated in different scientific,...

Art Perception Essay

Art Perception
What is art really supposed to mean?  Do artists attempt to disclose something through their work or is it left to the understanding of the observer? How one interprets art allows an individual to make his/her own assumptions on the subject in question. The concept on what is artistic has...

Artistic creations Essay

1. Look at Kiff Slemmons’s Transport (Fig 11-26, p. 25). The piece deals with mass death, with particular reference to deaths from AIDS. Slemmons, a jeweler, fashioned the piece from sterling silver and other lesser materials. What effect does the clash of materials have on the message of...

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