Artists Topics

The Artists Life Essay

Much of the art of the Renaissance was extremely religious in its nature. The paintings from this time are almost entirely scenes from the Bible including: the enunciation of the Virgin Mary, depictions of the infant Jesus Christ, the crucifixion of Christ, and numerous other examples of Christian...

Art Theories And Influence On Artists Essay

, Research PaperEssay Question: Discuss how theories about art influence the pattern of creative persons and/or art critics or historiansPractice in art refers to the determinations and actions that affect picks, perceptual experiences, ways of working and positions of an creative person or art...

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Famous Spanish Artists Essay

Hispanics are proud to have some of the greatest artists to ever live whose names have been highlighted throughout their rich heritage of art and literature. Considered Spain’s Siglo de Oro, the 16th and 17th century saw the birth of Hispanic art with the work of some of the most prominent Spanish artists...

Makeup Artist Essay

Makeup Artist


This paper explains the profession of makeup artistry in depth and sheds light to its pros and cons along with explaining my interest in the field.



Since the dawn of civilization, one has always perceived of occupations that would give satisfaction. With...

Con Artists Essay

Informative Outline Title: Con Artists Specific Purpose: To inform my audience on how the con artists work. Thesis Statement: In order to understand my topic, I will discuss scam victims, spotting a con-artist, and avoiding one. Introduction- I bet you all want to know how con artists work. They work by...

The italian Renaissance artists Essay

The italian renaissance artists

The Italian renaissance is known for the three greatest contributors to the world of art – Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Raphael.  These three artists of the Italian renaissance are collectively known as the three giants of the world of art.  However, unknown to...

Rembrandt vs. Caravaggio- the Great Two Artists in Baroque Essay

Rembrandt vs. Caravaggio- the Great Two Artists in Baroque

            Rome was the centre where baroque art and from where it spread. The great artists of the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, such as Caravaggio, Peter Paul Ruben and Rembrandt, could not have developed as they did without direct...

Blues and soul artists Ida cox and the classic female blues era Essay


Blues and soul music has been around for well over 2 centuries.  However, female black blues singers did not appear until the 1920's.  There were many black female blues singers each bringing their own special style to the music world.  Ida Cox was one of the many iconic women of her time.  She...

Black artists of Harlem Renaissance and Black modernism Essay

In 1931 a famous collector and promoter of primitive and modern arts Paul Guillaume in the issue of the Parisian journal La Revue du Monde Noir, said that 'the mind of the modern man and woman must be Negro. Such sentiments may seem incorrect in the sense that initially enslaved black had no future...

Artists and artifacts depicting repressiveness Essay

Pieter Brughel the Elder (1525 – 1569) was one of the earliest painters to include strong political and social commentary.  While best known for his paintings of landscapes that feature images of peasant life – in itself a reaction against the more common, “accepted” subjects, namely religion – paintings...

Artistic creations Essay

1. Look at Kiff Slemmons’s Transport (Fig 11-26, p. 25). The piece deals with mass death, with particular reference to deaths from AIDS. Slemmons, a jeweler, fashioned the piece from sterling silver and other lesser materials. What effect does the clash of materials have on the message of...

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Hand Art


Mary Cassatt



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