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Telecom Egypt Announces Launch of New Logo Essay

Cairo, July 1, 2013: Telecom Egypt (TE) (Ticker: ETEL. CA; TEEG. LN), today announced the launch of its new corporate logo with immediate effect. Throughout its 159 year history, Telecom Egypt has strived to meet the needs of its customers. Connecting Egyptians from Aswan to Alexandria and throughout...

North Africa Essay

North Africa is a very interesting place. It has many beautiful landforms, such as the Sahara Desert, The Nile River, and a lot more. There are also amazing cities in North Africa, which include Cairo, Tripoli, Casablanca, and many others. Also, there are a lot of major conflicts going on right now. The...

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A Marxian-Feminist Analysis of the Bust of Nefertiti Essay

A Marxian-Feminist Analysis of the Bust of Nefertiti

            Nefertiti’s bust, found in Berlin’s Altes Museum, has received enough attention for many reasons. Nefertiti’s and the many Egyptian sculptures depicting her speak of her important place in Akhenaten’s New Kingdom (Perry 1988, 48). Many...

Midaq alley Essay

Midaq alley


Midaq Alley by Naquib Mahfouz was written in the 1940s and is primarily highlighting the plight of the lower classes in Cairo, Egypt.  Through the use of his characters and their individual circumstances, Mahfouz depicts the sadness and tragedy in their lives.  The book is about the...

Akhenaten Ancient History Essay

Akhenaten was an 18th Dynasty Pharaoh. He was the proposed son of Amenhotep III and Tiye. Amenhotep wasn’t like normal people of Egypt, as he was portrayed to be deformed. . Queen Tiye who then chose Akhenaten to take the throne and he became Pharaoh. During his reign as Pharaoh, Akhenaten became very...

The Story of the City System Essay

The Story of the City System
Cairo, Egypt: 1930s-1950s
   Cairo, Egypt- the very mention of the name of this ancient city brings about visions of pyramids and pharaohs, camels and mystical men.  However, an often overlooked portion of Cairo’s history is that of its most recent past.  Because...

Egyptian Queens Essay

The Queens played an important role in the establishment of the 18th dynasty. Queen Tetisheri started in the 17th dynasty. A dynasty is the sucession of hereditary rulers, from the same family. This was the beginning of New Kingdom Egypt. The importance of Queen Tetisheri was her royal blood line; although...

Egypt & International Business Essay

Egypt is the second largest populated country in the Middle East with 75 million people. Even though Egypt experienced the global economic crisis like the United States, it did not strongly affect the economic growth. Egypt made significant growth, steady progress and exports even tripled from 9 billion to...

The Night of Counting the Years, Egypt 1969, director Shadi Abdessalam Essay

One of the most famous movies of its time, The Mummy, also known as 'The night of counting the years' is directed by Shadi Abdel Salam in 1969. The Arabic version, Al-Mummia, is considered to be the most significant film by the Egyptian Critics.
Film’s story line and message:
The movie is...

The Great Pyramids at Gizeh Essay

            Constructed on the northern Gizeh plateau, the Great pyramid of Gizeh was constructed with roughly 2 million limestone blocks, each weighing from a small 2 tone to large 70 ton pieces (Great Pyramid of Giza Association). The construction of these structures is not the sole property of ancient...

The Reign of Amenhotep Iii Essay

Ancient History Essay – Amenhotep III The thirty-eight-year reign of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Amenhotep III was a period of unparalleled stability and wealth in the history of the New Kingdom. During the reign of Amenhotep III, Egypt grew to be the world’s “Super Power,” and had great influence on a large...

Ancient Egyptian Civilization Essay

Ancient Egyptian Civilization:| The Nile River| | Outline: Thesis: Early Egyptian civilization developed along the Nile River because water was very scarce elsewhere in Egypt. I. Introduction: A. Throughout history there have been many civilizations observed to begin and develop along rivers B. Egyptians...

The Exodus Essay

            Exodus is a Hebrew word which means “to go out”. It has been used Biblically to mean the period when the Israelites left Egypt through the wilderness into the Promised Land. Exodus is also one of the books in the Old Testament which gives a detailed description of the journey of the Israelites...

Sumer & Egypt Comparison Essay

During the time of the river valley civilizations, Sumer and Egypt each had revolutionary political structures. Although both of them had a monarchy and were ruled by a king, they differed in the amount of power the king held. Although the king of Sumer held immense power, the king of Egypt was in control of...

The Assyrian Conquest of Egypt Essay

The Assyrian Conquest of Egypt

First, what are the sources for reconstructing the history of this period? Second, when and how did the Assyrian conquest of Egypt occur and what was the context of this event.  What consequences did this have? Egyptians began to record their history after 3000BCE.  There...

The Phonological System in Egyptian Arabic: The Consonant Sounds Essay

The Phonological System in Egyptian Arabic: The Consonant Sounds


Through an overwhelming exposure perpetuated through large scale use in mass media, literature, advertisement and other aspects of popular culture, the Egyptian variant of Arabic, commonly referred to as Misra, is presently...

January Revolution Essay

January 2011: The "Day of Revolt": Protests erupted throughout Egypt, with tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Cairo and thousands more in cities throughout Egypt. The protests targeted President Hosni Mubarak's government, and mostly adhered to non-violence. There were some reports of civilian and...

Paper on Tawfiq Al-Hakim Essay

Paper on Tawfiq Al-Hakim
            Arguably one of the most prominent writers in Egyptian history is Tawfiq Al Hakim. He is widely considered as an important pioneer in modern Arabic literature. Most of all, he is a prime innovator in Egyptian drama and theatre.
            Born in Alexandria, Egypt most...

The Gilded Coffin of Tjuya: An Ornate Sarcophagus of King Tut’s Grandma Essay

The Gilded Coffin of Tjuya: An Ornate Sarcophagus of King Tut’s Grandma

Ancient Egyptian art are always beautiful in a magical sense. 3,000 or more years ago, their embalmers preserved a noble person or a king's remains for safekeeping because they believed they would need them again in the afterlife. In...

New Kingdom Egypt Essay

Tutankhamun’s Tomb This report is an analysis on Tutankhamun’s tomb and what the contents reveal about Egyptian religious beliefs and practices in New Kingdom Egypt. The following sub-headings will describe and explain the contribution that each have made within the historical context. Treasures and...

Educational Problems in Egypt Essay

Egypt has the most significant educational system in the (MENA); Middle East and North Africa according to the Human Development Index (HDI). Although the educational system had been developing hastily since the beginning of the 1990s, Egypt had been continuously facing serious and accumulated problems in...

The Counter Culture and Akhenaten Essay

The art of Akhenaten’s period represented a fashion of alienation and art of the counter culture. It can easily be contrasted to the art of the new kingdom before the Eighteenth Dynasty. When Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti created this new empire, they changed tradition, however more importantly they...

Gamal Abdul Nasser Essay

Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussain was the second president of Egypt from 1956 until he died. “Gamal Abdel Nasser was born in 1918 and died in 1970”. “Nasser was born in Bakos, Alexandria he had six brothers and one sister” . At an early age Nasser was involved in politics. Gamal was one of the people who led the...

Revolution in Tunisia and Egypt Essay

In the beginning of this year, some Arab countries experienced a number of riots and protests from the citizens who opposed their respective governments. Citizens of these countries accused their government of being corrupt, oppressive, and dictatorial. Also, many citizens blamed their government for high...

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