Wind power Topics

Renewable energy is the need of the hour Essay

It is the year 2050, Earth is so polluted, vision is obscured by smog, lakes and streams are poisoned. Oh! What a terrible sight. This may become a reality, if we keep using non-renewable energy resources. Hello there! A very good morning and I am Pranav Athreya and you have guessed it right, I am speaking...

To Drill or Not to Drill? Essay

For years, the nations of the world have relied on some form of energy to sustain the populace and the industrial sectors of that nation. Fossil fuels (oil, coal, and natural gas) are the backbone of the United States’ energy consumption. Fossil fuels are not an infinite source but a finite source....

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Wind power
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China’s Pollution Problem Essay

China, one of the worlds largest industrial powers, is now facing a difficult situation. China’s industries rely largely on coal power which emits harmful gases, causing intense air pollution. The Chinese government, in fear that the country would fall in a recession, has not done much to stop these...

Society Comparison Paper (Denmark & Haiti) Essay

Haiti has a failed society partly due the ecosystem while Denmark society lives a successful and sustainably economy. In Haiti, acute poverty forces the population to rely on wood and charcoal for fuel and income, leading to ever more deforestation. Sixty-six percent of Haitians depend on agriculture and...

Data Centers Essay

The growth of data centers and their carbon footprint, due to the energy requirements to run both the servers and air conditioning needed to cool them, is becoming a growing concern around the world. A data center is a building that stores computer systems and associated devices. A carbon footprint is...

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