Essay – Culmination (Canary, Wind, Tortoises)

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In today’s essay, I would like to discuss a character named Macedo from the intriguing story, A Canary’s Ideas. The story revolves around Macedo, a man with a deep passion for Ornithology – the study of birds’ behavior, diet, and origins. Within the story, a canary enters a secondhand shop that sells various animals and pets.

The story “A Canary’s Ideas” centers on a bird that was adopted from a secondhand shop but successfully flees and takes flight. As the narrative indicates, there exists Macedo, a character whose ardor lies in Ornithology, the study of avian creatures and their attributes. I hold the belief that Macedo’s captivation with Ornithology sprouts from his profound fixation with this captivating domain. For those who genuinely relish being amidst birds, Ornithology can be an occupation that is comparably uncomplicated to acquire.

Thus, people have different skills and viewpoints. When individuals are attracted to a specific job, it is typically because they experience comfort and satisfaction in their work. In “A Canary’s Ideas,” Macedo narrates the tale of a bird that transitioned from flying freely in the sky to being restricted on the ground, ultimately becoming somewhat of a captive. Macedo’s goal is to enlighten readers about the importance of life. Macedo can be seen as a humble character who possesses intelligence, dedication to studies, and responsibility for his choices.

Macedo can be compared to Elie Wiesel from the story Night, as both characters demonstrate strength in the face of adversity. In A Canary’s Ideas, Macedo is surprised upon discovering that the canary has escaped while he was in the Hospital. This escape feels like the loss of something significant in his life. Like many others, his initial reaction to this unexpected event is to question why it happened. We can all relate to this feeling when unexpected things occur. In conclusion, the character Macedo in A Canary’s Ideas is an interesting and responsible individual who knows how to remain resilient when faced with the unexpected. Reading this story has made me a better person, as it taught me the importance of patience in coping with life’s challenges.

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