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– Culmination (Canary, Wind, Tortoises)

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ESSAY – Culmination (Canary, Wind, Tortoises) In today’s essay I would like to start of talking about a character whose name is Macedo. Actually from a very interesting story called A Canary’s Ideas. Pretty much it talks about how a guy named Macedo who was a man who had an obsession for Ornithology. Ornithology is a study that consists of birds and it focuses on how they live, what they eat and where they come from. If says on the story that a canary goes into a secondhand shop.

This is a shop where there is animals pets and other stuff.

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– Culmination (Canary, Wind, Tortoises)
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Through the story A Canary’s Ideas talks about a bird that was adopted from a secondhand shop but he escapes and flies away. As the A Canary’s idea’s tells there is a guy whose interest is Ornithology, the story that would be the study of birds and their properties. I think gives Macedo likes Ornithology simply because he has strong obsession for such interesting profession.

Ornithology could be a really easy to learn profession for some people who really like to spend time with birds.

Therefore people have different talents and ways of seeing the world. When a person likes a profession they might really like it because they feel comfortable with the work they do. The character Macedo from the story A Canary’s Ideas relates how a bird became pretty much a prisoner after having to land on the floor from being freely in the air. Macedo tries to make the reader understand the meaning of life. Macedo seems to be a simple character in the way that he is a smart person that likes studying and that is a responsible for whatever he does.

Macedo can be well compared to Elie Wiesel from the story Night. This would be simply because as the story Night says how Wiesel is strong to what he goes through in life. In the story A Canary’s Ideas Macedo seems to be surprised after finding out that the canary escaped while he was in the Hospital. He felt like if something important of his live ran away when that canary flew away, the first thing that came to his mind was a huge question that most of the people always ask when something unexpected happens. Why”, why did this happen to me. I think that we all can feel this way when something we don’t expect happens to us. In conclusion I would like to say that in the story A Canary’s Ideas the character Macedo is a very interesting and responsible character who knows well how to be strong when something unexpected happens. I would say that by reading the story A Canary’s Ideas the Macedo’s situation made me become a better person in the way that I learned how to be more patient to whatever it comes in life.

Cite this – Culmination (Canary, Wind, Tortoises)

– Culmination (Canary, Wind, Tortoises). (2016, Oct 01). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/essay-culmination-canary-wind-tortoises/

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