Take Upper Limb Rehabilitation Into Your Own Hands

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Take rehabilitation into your own hands Hand Rehabilitation Quality of life is dependent on healthy hand function. Numerous orthopedic and neurological disease and injuries lead to hand impairments that affect hand function and decrease quality of life. Clinical research shows that the use of the HandTutor, a novel and innovative wrist and finger rehabilitation system, improves hand function. The HandTutor System Avraham Cohen the clinical director of MediTouch and an expert in the field of physical rehabilitation describes the HandTutor system as “a breakthrough in upper limb hand rehabilitation”.

He goes on to say that “MediTouh has developed a computerized system that applies proven rehabilitation concepts so that the patient can achieve maximum recovery”. The system consists of an ergonomic glove and dedicated PC based rehabilitation software. The program enables objective and quantitative evaluation of kinematic hand parameters including range, speed and accuracy of movement for finger/s and wrist. Most importantly the system allows the patient to perform customized and intensive rehabilitation exercises in the form of motivating games.

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Motivating games encourage the patient to continue exercising at their maximum effort. The system allows for easy to use and efficient tele-rehabilitation through the internet so that the therapist can support and encourage the patient in their own home without the need for the therapist or the patient to travel. The system is used by Physical and Occupational therapists in both hospital rehabilitation and community rehabilitation clinics. In addition the HandTutor is used by patients at home. The system is benefiting patients in over 22 countries including: USA, Germany, Italy, Greece, Japan, China and Taiwan. Indications

Stroke, Head and Spinal Cord Injury, Cerebral Palsy, MS, Burns, Parkinson’s Disease, Fractures Trauma and Surgery of the forearm wrist and hand, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Children with fine motor problems including difficulty with handwriting and other everyday task activities. System Efficacy Comprehensive randomized controlled research conducted at the Reuth rehabilitation centre, Tel Aviv, in co-operation with Tel Aviv University and published in one of the top rehabilitation research journals, the UK based Physiotherapy Research International, assessed the efficacy of the HandTutor for hand rehabilitation.

Co-authors of the paper, Dr. Jean Jacques Vatine expert in Physical Rehabilitation Medicine and head of the Outpatient and Research Division, Reuth together with Professor Eli Carmeli, Head of the Department of Physical Therapy of Tel Aviv University reported significant improvement in hand functio System Safety The system is non invasive with no side effects and is FDA and CE approved.

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