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Peter Tchaikovsky

Peter Tchaikovsky
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky was born in 1840 in present-day Udmurtia, Russia. His father was a Ukrainian mining engineer. Peter began piano lessons at the age of five, and within three years he could read music as well as his teacher. Peter received his education in St Petersburg Technological Intuition, the only music lessons he received were occasional lessons from a piano teacher. Peters mother died in 1854, it was then that he composed his first piece. In 1861, Peter took on lessons being offered by the Russian Musical Society, it was then when his talent for composing was recognised. In 1869 Tchaikovsky composed his first recognised masterpiece, the Overture-Fantasy Romeo and Juliet. Tchaikovsky was deeply inspired by Shakespeare’s writing, and in later years composed other works for The Tempest and Hamlet. On November 6, 1893 Tchaikovsky died in St. Petersburg from cholera.

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The Nutcracker
The story is set in Germany where in the Stahlbaums house, where a Christmas party is being held. Clara, her brother Fritz and their parents are celebrating with friends and family. Their mysterious godfather Herr Drosselmeyer suddenly appears and reveals a large bag of presents, Clara runs up to him and receives a nutcracker, she is very happy about this. The party ends and the Stahlbaum family go to bed, but Clara is concerned about her nutcracker and goes back to the living room to see it but she falls asleep while holding the nutcracker in her hands. At midnight she is woken up by the sound of mice, when she opens her eyes, she tries to run back to her room but the mice stop her, while the nutcracker and his soldiers defend her but the mouse king leads his mice into battle, later on the mouse king kills the nutcracker and Clara is very upset so she throws her shoe at the mouse king and he dies. Clara cries over her nutcracker but her tears heal him, then they are taken into a magical land of the sugarplum fairy.

Here Clara dances with her nutcracker

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