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Teenage Marriage

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Teenage Marriages
I chose to topic to be about teenage marriages because I am interested in how the lengths of marriages have changed over the years. The age and reasons have changed dramatically and teenagers seem to be tying the knot for all the wrong reasons. Some of the reason they choose to do this is because of either religion, many do it due to pregnancy and it’s safe to say few do it because they are truly in love which is what all marriages should be based on.

Unfortunately it’s not. If you are a teenager and seriously considering an early marriage, there are a number of potential problem areas of which you should be aware.
First, the problem or adequate financial support is obvious. Although money does not buy happiness, it can create tension which can ruin a happy marriage. Marriage consists of compromise and understanding; many teenagers haven’t fully matured and think they can commit to a lifelong decision like marriage.

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Teenage Marriage
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In my opinion many teenagers are simply not prepared to handle the responsibility.
Pregnancy is a main reason teens get married at such a young age because most men feel they must take care of their responsibility of the child and marry the mother. This should never be the case but it’s always good to know the couple cares that much for the child. Getting married is a big step in someone’s life and it’s about supporting and loving each other. Getting married just because of pregnancy shows that it’s being done for the child only and not about the couple themselves and their own happiness. One of my close friends got pregnant at a very young age, her parents weren’t the happiest at first but decided to deal with issue if her and her boyfriend went and got married before the baby was born. She and her boyfriend refused to do so and are happy they did because they are perfectly happy the way they are now and didn’t want the decision of marriage made for them without wanting such serious commitment. They are considering marriage now.

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