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First I would wish to thank the Almighty God for giving me the counsel. wellness and strength in finishing this undertaking and doing it a success.

Second. I would wish to demo gratitude to my Social Studies teach. Mr. Burke. for giving me the chance and holding forbearance with me to make this undertaking.

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Third. I would wish to thank my Aunty and Uncle. Mr & A ; Mrs. Campbell for assisting and allowing me use their computing machine to type this undertaking.

I would besides wish to demo grasp to others who assisted in this Social Studies SBA.


Teenage gestation is a societal job that is non fixed by sexual instruction or abstention but an overall buildup of a individual to take a healthy life with a healthy ego esteem to do good picks in life.

Teenage maternity is a big issue in society. Fortunes lending to the addition in adolescent gestation will be examined along with ways that teenage gestation can be reduced. Several current plans and methods to cut down teenage maternity will be discussed for their effectivity. every bit good as the current public policy. Assorted ways to increase their effectivity will besides be discussed with possible recommendations. With a belief that plans that contain abstention will hold the greatest consequence on a person’s behaviour.


There are many societal and economic causes of adolescent gestation. The most primary cause is the deficiency of cognition among adolescents sing the effects of irresponsible sexual behaviour. Most instances of teenage gestations are observed in the lower economic strata of society where there is a deficiency of cognition. consciousness and installation to turn to the job of unintended gestation. Lack of trust and communicating between parents and childs is another of import cause of unwanted adolescent gestation. Parental attitude towards their adolescent kids and amongst themselves act upon their children’s behaviour and ideas. If parents are unable to pass on with their kids sing issues associating to arouse so the childs resort to geting information sing sex through other beginnings which may non be dependable. These other beginnings are by and large magazines and friends who are highly undependable beginnings of information and can misdirect the kids into organizing wrong thoughts about sex.

Lack of emotional adulthood and independency to move and act responsibly is another result of hapless communicating and relationship between parents and adolescents. Many adolescents indulge in irresponsible sexual behaviour due to miss of information and consciousness sing sex. Other grounds are peer force per unit area inability to show positions and defeat in the kid as a consequence of no excess curricular activities. Inadequate cognition or consciousness sing generative wellness. preventives and effects of unintended gestation are most frequently the causes of adolescent gestation. Reasons for teenage gestation are non every bit simple as prosecuting “predatory “men who have sex with minor females.

Adolescent misss have been shown to hold babes for many different grounds. Reasons range from the belief that holding a babe will give them something to love. burying to utilize preventives. they non cognize how to utilize preventives. and they merely did it one time. colza. to acquire closer to their parents or a fellow. or position in societal economic country. The effects of teenage gestation are many and varied from the obvious to the non so obvious. The importance of this subject is reflected by the fact that 70 % of the current residents of our juvenile already have a parent in the prison system. 93 % of them male. Adolescent misss who become female parents before they are 18 have less lifetime gaining power than female parents who wait until 18-25 and even less than those female parents who wait until over 25 to hold their first kid. Mothers under the age of 18 are more likely to populate in poorness. and non unrecorded independently.

What can be used to halt teenage gestation? Several current plans and methods are out at that place right now in our society. We have sex instruction. preventives. abortion. abstention. school based wellness clinics. gestation reding. mentoring. and church based plans and intercession by the authorities. Possible suggestions and plans that have been tried out in the field will be examined for their effectivity. Abstinence. sexual instruction. wages based scheduling. effects of parental scheduling. and church attending will wholly be examined for their effectivity. Possible betterments to these bing methods and plans. every bit good as the authorities policy will besides be examined.


Problem in the signifier of inquiry asked:“Why are at that place so many teenage gestations in this community? ”


1. This subject was chosen because. it is really interesting and enlightening about our adolescents in the community and society relating to what they are involved in.

2. I think it was the best chosen subject among the 16 ( 16 ) subtopics which I had to take from to make my Social Studies SBA.

3. To assist the research worker to happen out more information about the adolescents in the society.

4. To assist the research worker to be cognizant of what is go oning to our/the adolescents in the society or community so that the research worker would non make or go involve in the same thing.

5. The research worker besides choose this subject because there has been a rapid addition in adolescent gestations in the community and would wish to cognize what are the grounds and cause for it.


1. To happen out the causes of teenage gestation2. To happen out the effects ( disadvantages/advantages ) of teenage gestation3. To happen out about adolescent gestation bars4. To do recommendations


The research worker used questionnaire and observation in order to roll up the information. The questionnaire was distributed to the persons in my vicinity. through a procedure of specific choice and the observation was done while reading through the questionnaire.

Beginnings like diaries. magazines. statistics. books. studies are the secondary informations aggregation which was used to supply informations besides. which was really helpful.

However. the research worker used both secondary and primary for method of informations aggregation. The primary method which is questionnaire and observation were really assist able in informations aggregation. The questionnaire was used to supply extra sum of information and it was faster. inexpensive and efficient to be used among a big figure of people. Observation was used among the persons in the questionnaire and they responded adequately with my inquiries. they were really generous. good disciplined and helpful towards reacting to my inquiries.

In decision of incorporating both secondary and primary informations aggregation methods they can be best for supplying accurate informations.

INSTRUMENTMENT USED TO COLLECT DATAQuestionnaireMy name is Anna LaBorde. and I am a Fifth Form pupil of the Emmanuel High School. Mesopotamia. I am making a Social Studies School Base Assessment. and researching on the subject “Teenage Pregnancy” . I am liberally bespeaking your aid in doing my undertaking a success. by make fulling out my inquiries with a good response ( s ) to the best of your ability.

Age Group:15 – 19 27 – 34 20 -26 35 – 45

Gender:Male Female

( 1 ) Why do adolescents hold sex? ( 2 ) What are the effects of teenage gestation? ( 3 ) Are at that place any good effects in teenage gestation? If YES give grounds.( 4 ) How can teenage gestation be prevented? Abstinence Diaphragm Condoms All of the Above ( 5 ) Is there a demand or should Arouse Education be taught in School? ( 6 ) Do you believe that adolescents that have been pregnant should be given a 2nd opportunity in school? If so give grounds why. ( 7 ) Are adolescents of hapless or disadvantaged fortunes more susceptible to going pregnant? If YES list grounds. If NO list grounds.( 8 ) Whose life is more affected as a consequence of teenage gestation? Rearing Style Friends Teenager None of the above If it is rearing manner. give grounds for your reply.

( 9 ) What are the possible effects for the teenage male child and the adolescent miss of an early gestation? Who pays the higher monetary value. male child or miss? If boy give grounds for your reply If girl give grounds for your reply ( 10 ) Why do you believe adolescents get pregnant? ( 11 ) Do you believe adolescent gestation is a job? If so state why ( 12 ) If you were an advisor to your community on teenage gestation. what sort of plans would you urge to diminish the figure of teenage gestations? ( 13 ) Where do you believe adolescents obtain sex instruction? The Media Reading Friends Adults outside of the HomeAll of the Above ( 14 ) If you are/are non a parent. what advise or message would you give to a kid about teenage gestation? ( 15 ) What are some recommendations that you would propose to diminish the adolescent gestation rate in the community and society in a whole?


The relevant information required to be analyzed were taken from the questionnaire which contained 15 ( 15 ) inquiries.

These inquiries were answered by 10 males and 10s females which equalized to twenty ( 20 ) persons who were being involved. All of the persons are populating in Evesham and the sample was chosen specifically. The questionnaire was distributed to the persons on Monday 14 February 2005 at 6:00 p. m. . when the persons are most likely to be at place.

These persons had four ( 4 ) hebdomads in order to finish the questionnaire. They all were aged between 15-45 old ages. The questionnaire was so received and completed to the research worker on Monday. 7 March 2005.


1 ) Some of the questionnaires were non returned on clip. which delayed in completion of the undertaking.

2 ) Some of the respondents didn’t to the full answer the inquiry seven ( 7 ) wholly with adequate information which asked:

Question seven ( 7 ) ; Are adolescents of hapless and disadvantaged fortunes more susceptible to going pregnant? If yes list ground?If no list ground?

3 ) As a consequence of some of the unfastened manus inquiry. the research worker found it really hard to construe findings as compared with the closed inquiries.

Presentation OF DATA

Figure One ( 1 )A pie chart below demoing the response to inquiry three ( 3 ) which province. are at that place any advantages in teenage gestation?

Figure Two ( 2 )A perpendicular saloon chart demoing the responses to oppugn four ( 4 ) . which asked ; How can teenage gestation be presented?

Figure Three ( 3 )A line graph demoing the response to inquiry five ( 5 ) which states ; Is there a demand or should arouse instruction be taught in schools?

Figure Four ( 4 )This pie chart is demoing the response to inquiry six ( 6 ) .

Figure Five ( 5 )This pie chart is demoing the response to oppugn seven ( 7 ) from the respondents.

Figure Six ( 6 )This histogram is demoing the responses from the respondents towards inquiry eight ( 8 )

Figure Seven ( 7 )This pie chart is demoing the response towards inquiries eleven ( 11 ) from the respondents.

Figure Eight ( 8 )This horizontal saloon chart is demoing the response harmonizing to inquiry 13 ( 13 ) from the respondents.

Explanation OF DATA

In figure One ( 1 ) . a pie chart was drawn demoing the response to the inquiry three ( 3 ) which was asked “Are there any advantages in teenage gestation? ” Eleven individuals responded “No” Two individuals said “Yes” . four individuals said non truly and two individuals said largely.

In figure Two ( 2 ) . a perpendicular saloon chart which was drawn demoing the responses to oppugn four ( 4 ) which asked “How can teenage gestation be prevented? ” There were four options to take from. Eleven persons said abstention. six persons said all of the above. two persons said rubbers and one person said Diaphragm.

In figure three ( 3 ) . a line graph was drawn demoing the responses from the respondents to the inquiry five ( 5 ) which asked “Is there a demand or should arouse instruction be taught in school? “Twelve individuals said “Yes” three individuals said decidedly and two individuals said “No” .

In inquiry four ( 4 ) . a pie chart was drawn demoing the responses to oppugn six ( 6 ) which asked “DO you think that adolescents that have pregnant should be given a 2nd opportunity in school? If so give grounds why. 13 persons replied “”Yes” and two persons replied “No” .

In figure five ( 5 ) . a pie chart was drawn demoing the responses to oppugn to oppugn seven which stated and asked “Are adolescents of hapless and disadvantaged fortunes more susceptible to going pregnant? ” If “Yes list grounds “If no list grounds. Eight persons replied “Yes” . five replied most decidedly. four persons replied “No” and four Persons replied perfectly.

In figure six ( 6 ) . a pie chart was drawn demoing the response to inquiry eight ( 8 ) which asked ‘’whose life is more affected as a consequence of teenage gestation? ’’ . Fifteen individuals said the adolescent. three individuals said parenting manner. two individuals said friends and one individual said all of the above.

In figure seven ( 7 ) . a pie chart was drawn demoing the response to oppugn eleven ( 11 ) which asked ‘’Do you think adolescent gestation is a job? ’ If so say why. Eighteen persons said yes and two persons replied no. In figure eight ( 8 ) . a horizontal saloon chart was drawn demoing the responses to oppugn 13 ( 13 ) which asked ‘’where do you believe adolescents obtain sex instruction? Two individuals said grownups outside the place. three individuals said friends. three individuals said reading. five individuals said the media and 10 individuals said Al of the above.

Interpretation OF DATA

The questionnaire sample was made up of both females and males. between the ages of 15-45. The questionnaire was besides made up of 15 ( 15 ) inquiries.

In response to oppugn one ( 1 ) which stated “Why do adolescents hold sex? ” The 20 ( 20 ) persons expressed their sentiments adequately. Four of them said to turn out their love which was a sum of 20 % . five of them said because they are in love. so they have to make it which was a sum of 30 % and five of them besides said to experience more adult up which was a sum of 25 % .

In response to inquiry two ( 2 ) which states. “What are the disadvantages in teenage gestation? The persons responses to the full to this inquiry. Some of their positions were:

1. They ( adolescents ) have last an chance to abstain instruction and bask life at school with friends but alternatively of that. they have to play the function of a female parent to take attention of their daughter/ boy. which is a loss in their lives and much more.

In response to inquiry three ( 3 ) . 57 % believe that these isn’t any advantages in adolescent gestation. 5 % said “yes” 6 % said most likely and 32 % said non truly they responded to the full to this inquiry besides ; the persons which said that there isn’t any advantages in adolescent gestation. they gave illustrations. They said “No because:

• Less instruction

• No/less ego regard because some of the adolescents would experience bad about themselves and what people may believe of them of what they’re being involved in and much more.

The persons that said “Yes they gave illustrations besides ;

• They said the adolescents would be able to derive more duty ( Internet Explorers )

• They wouldn’t be lazy which means they’ll have to work for their wants and necessitate to fulfill them in any or every manner. For inquiry four ( 4 ) . The persons answered this inquiry adequately. Because. the assortment of those that chose abstention said. that is the lone manner to travel. to abstain and it will be prevented.

In relation to oppugn five ( 5 ) there were understandings and dissensions among the persons towards this inquiry. Those that agreed said that it will do the childs to be cognizant of it so that they wouldn’t be involved and those that disagreed said that they will pervert the child heads by pressing them to travel and make it. which will be a disadvantage in their lives.

For inquiry ( 6 ) the persons that agreed said. that the adolescents should be given a 2nd opportunity so that they can endeavor and tilt more about things to be more intelligent and educated. Those that disagreed said that. they don’t merit a 2nd opportunity because they’ve made a large error and farther more they have a bigger duty. to play the function of the female parent and to take attention of a kid.

For inquiry seven ( 7 ) . the persons responded showing towards this inquiry. Those that disagreed said that poorer households may non be educated plenty to supply equal information on household planning and human gender ; they besides said that poorer households tend to be in environments where early gestation i. e. during teenage old ages is normal. Those that agree said that because of deficiency of money or love from parents/families. the adolescents will travel out and make anything ( like sex ) to acquire what they want.

In inquiry eight ( 8 ) . the person that chose rearing manner said that. the teenage adopted everything from the female parent like holding a fellow and sex at an early age. and those that chose adolescent said that. the adolescent would be experiencing bad. guilty and ashamed of what she has done. and she would be losing out a batch in her life like go to school holding friends and basking herself but in position of that she has to take on duties for her and her kid.

In inquiry nine ( 9 ) the persons give a batch of replies. They said for both of them. they’ll have to drop out or halt school to work for their wants and needs to back up their kid in every manner and to be responsible. Those who chose and said the miss pays the higher monetary value said that. the miss would happen it more hard because she has to transport the babe for nine ( 9 ) months to experience all the hurting and she may non even cognize what to make because of her immature teenage life style. And for those who chose male childs said that he will hold to work hard with all his ability to back up her and the babe.

For inquiry 10 ( 10 ) the single give some good replies. some of them are. because of friends following bad company. because of life without a parent so they can make and travel anyplace they want. deficiency of behavior and behaviour and many more interesting responses.

In inquiry 11 ( 11 ) . there were understandings and dissensions once more. Those that agreed said. it’s a large job because it will look really bad towards the adolescent. and the teenagers’ parents because. people would state that the female parent is non demoing any involvement or and illustration to her kid. to learn her right from incorrect. And those who disagreed said that. the adolescents want to see what it’s about.

For inquiry 12 ( 12 ) . the person said that they display plans like. ways in which you can state no to sex. expose the troubles that would hold to confront if you’re pregnant etc. A assortment of the persons chose all of the above because all has an impact on adolescents in where they obtain sex instruction associating to inquiry 13 ( 13 ) but. the medical has the most impact out the five options upon the adolescents. Because. everything they tend to watch on telecasting like grownup films. which they’re non suppose to. they imitative everything they see and prosecute it. which may ensue in teenage gestation.

For inquiry 14 ( 14 ) the persons gave good replies besides live. What may ensue in holding sex. don’t follow others who are making it because you may stop up experiencing guilty. how to abstain and state no to arouse etc. For inquiry 15 ( 15 ) some of the responses were. to hold particular plans. runs public speech production. debates among our adolescents of how they can state no or forestalling sex and teenage gestations in the society and community.


The research worker found out that the effects of adolescent gestation can be felt both socially and economically. Teenage gestation has an impact on the addition in the figure of people involved in substance maltreatment. offenses and besides in the figure of people affected by many wellness jobs like mental upsets and sexually familial diseases. The widespread of AIDS in today’s universe is besides one of the consequences of adolescent gestation. Teenaged female parents by and large face societal effects and bead out of school. The deficiency of societal and household support makes them a portion of the lower degree in society where they can non afford basic necessities like equal nutrition and wellness attention. Due to miss of support. consciousness and agencies. these female parents are unable to take equal attention of themselves during gestation and they suffer from jobs related to mental and physical wellness.

Effectss of adolescent gestation on society are easy observed as the degree of instruction and growing is affected the productiveness of the people is besides affected. Governments have realized this job and started many governmental support and public assistance plans to make consciousness on this issue. The research worker besides found out that It is an obvious fact that Teenage gestation and society are linked to each other. Society plays a major function in the finding the addition or lessening in the per centum of teenage gestations. Surveies have proved the being of a nexus between societal position and good physical and mental wellness. Peoples in the lower position group are more prejudiced and have low self-pride and by and large some history of substance maltreatment like drugs or intoxicant. They are besides more likely to endure from physical and mental upsets.

Adolescents belonging to the lower socio-economic strata are deprived of many basic wellness and educational installations. This leads to miss of consciousness and sing sexual behaviour cognition amongst these adolescents. They are incognizant of the effects of sexual behaviour and usage of preventives. These adolescents besides lack the motive and assurance to take societal and moral duty of their actions and hence indulge in irresponsible sexual behaviour.

Teenage gestation has ever been looked down upon by society. yet this societal job by society is the most of import cause of rise in adolescent gestation. Sometimes societal attitudes and peer force per unit area besides lead to kids indulging in irresponsible sexual behaviour substance maltreatment and offenses. Unwed parents or individual parents who are already enduring the effects of their ignorance and irresponsible behaviour rise kids who in bend autumn into the same trap as their parents.

This barbarous circle is promoted due to miss of support from the household and society. In order to convey about important betterment in the rate of teenage gestations the relation between adolescent gestation and society demands to be given serious consideration.


Teenage gestation is a multi faceted job that has many causes and factors that contributes to it. There is no existent individual solution that can set the jinni of sex outside of matrimony back in. The best plans that make a existent dent in the job of adolescent gestation use several things. Sexual instruction of what preventives are out there is a needed portion in all plans. A physical instruction lesson is required to contract all the myths out their sing the human organic structure. Part of the plan needs to hold abstention in it to truly be effectual. If teens are concentrating on the issue of instruction for themselves at their formative old ages they will acquire better occupations and lend more to society. They will besides hold more instruction themselves to cover with their ain kids. Besides those who wait longer to hold sex and to acquire married have a better base to construct a better matrimony. This enables them to raise kids in a stable environment and convey them up as stable conducive members of society. It short salvaging us all money that we do non necessitate to pay for public assistance. prisons and societal plans for teenage female parents.


The research worker recommends that:

• A first suggestion is for a plan to get down with a base of being factual about the human organic structure. We need to acknowledge as a society that intercourse is more than merely a physical interaction between two people. We need to set sex in a larger whole life position alternatively of merely the position of sex instruction. Sexual activity is a manner of pass oning. For some it is merely a manner of pass oning to their egos but it should be a vehicle for pass oning love between two people. In that universe position sex is portion of how we live non merely something we do. This besides means that we need to acknowledge that intercourse excessively early can ache people psychologically. With 65 % of teenage females stating that they had sex excessively early and 45 % of males stating that they had sex excessively early. We need to look at the impact that physical intercourse has in comparing of intercourse as a brotherhood. We need to advocate teens to wait until they are more developed as a individual overall to hold intercourse.

• I believe abstention plants and is something that every sex instruction plan should hold in it. Make I believe that it should be the primary thing taught? Yes. Do I believe that no reference of preventives should be made? No. The difficult facts are that teens are holding sex excessively early. excessively frequently and with excessively many people. Love does non come into the image when it should be portion of the overall image. Committedness should be portion of the image of sex instruction. Abstinence until matrimony should be the end of every immature individual who is even believing about sex. In our current societal construction that sounds really priggish I know. However all it takes to alter 1s position is to advocate a 13 twelvemonth old miss who has lost her virginity and is now pregnant If that is non plenty travel to any interior metropolis country and merely expression at the age of the female parents keeping babes. Every one of those female parents has a existent good opportunity of ne’er doing it out of the urban countries because she is a female parent excessively early.

• The authorities should prosecute in working jointly with the Family Planning Association unit about effectual programmes. which would assist to cut down some troubles faced with teenage gestations and to educate them to abstain.

• In order to undertake the job of unwed female parents or individual parents. teenage gestation instruction needs to be promoted every bit extensively as possible. There are many facets to be covered under Teenage gestation instruction. In order to be effectual both the parents and their adolescents need to be targeted.

Parents need to put an illustration for their adolescents on being morally and socially responsible members of society. The value of sex instruction and communicating demands to be impressed on all parents. so that the kids can larn the rudimentss of household life from their really ain function theoretical accounts. Understanding. love and support from the parent reinforces the Childs assurance in him/her and helps him/her in doing responsible sexual picks.

I suggest actuating the childs to do informed picks sing sexual behaviour and inculcation in them a sense of duty and ego worth is of import for work outing the job of individual parentage. Besides foregrounding the wellness hazards faced by immature female parents and their babes. creates an consciousness among the adolescents about the hazards of early gestation and encourages them to prorogue parentage till they are emotionally and financially capable of managing the force per unit areas of childrearing.

Negotiations and treatments by individual parents sing the jobs of individual parenting besides helps in making consciousness among the adolescents. Sing the annihilating psychological. physical and economical impact of adolescent gestation on society it is of import to hold a good thought out adolescent gestation instruction system.


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