The Amazon of Innovation: How Is Everything Arranged?

Describe, at a high level, the principal roles played by each of the five components of an information system that supports order fulfillment.

  1. Hardware: includes dozens of networked computers with Internet access, hand-held devices such as Radio Frequency scanner or Bar Code scanner. All these hardware can be used for order fulfillment. More specifically, they may be useful for the tasks such as picking up items in a warehouse, packing items, and shipping the package out.
  2. Software: consists of hundreds of different programs that work together to achieve the goal of fulfillment. The software applications help different hardware communicate and coordinate with each other. Some programs are for warehouse work, others may help connect to shipping vendors.
  3. Data: the information system may contain millions of bytes of data. They are about products, customers, orders, shipments, and other relevant things.
  4. Procedures: the information system may have hundreds of procedures that are being followed by workers in warehouses, shipping department, and other departments. Customers may also need to follow certain procedures to complete the order processing.
  5. People: the information system involves many users. Not only employees directly use the information system, but also other users doing the maintenance and supporting service of the system. Other relevant shareholders may also have interest in this information system.

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