Arranged Marriage: Advantages & Disadvantages

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The article discusses the pros and cons of arranged marriages, which may come as a surprise to those who come from countries where falling in love is the path to marriage. One of the advantages of arranged marriages is finding a partner who is compatible ethnically, religiously, socially, and culturally. Arranged marriages tend to have a lower divorce rate than marriages based on romantic love, due to the close-knit cultural community and efforts to pair up couples with similar social standing and financial status. However, there are also significant negatives, such as the possibility of ending up with an unsuitable partner and cultural or religious pressure to stay in the marriage. Some cultures also use arranged marriages as a means to suppress women and child abuse. Despite these factors, most people prefer to experience the joys and potential heartaches of romantic love, indicating that arranged marriages will not be widely practiced in Western cultures.

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Arranged marriages are prevalent in certain countries and cultures, encompassing both benefits and drawbacks. Although it may be unexpected for individuals living in societies where love forms the basis of marriage, they should acknowledge the advantages and disadvantages of arranged unions.

Arranged marriages are common in certain immigrant communities in Western countries. They serve as a means for individuals to discover a suitable partner who possesses their ethnic, religious, social, and cultural background. This is especially significant in communities that discourage assimilation, such as Greek expatriates or Orthodox Jews. Arranged marriages play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of their faith and culture.

Despite potential drawbacks, arranged marriages often have a lower divorce rate compared to marriages based on romantic love. This can be attributed to factors such as cultural compatibility and the close-knit nature of arranged marriage cultures, which offer greater support to individuals and families in contrast to Western society.

Arranged marriages involve carefully matching couples based on their social standing and financial status, resulting in fewer arguments compared to couples who choose each other romantically. This also allows love to develop over time through shared challenges. However, it is crucial to recognize that arranged marriages have both positive and negative aspects.

Arranged marriages may lead to being trapped in an inappropriate relationship, with cultural or religious factors making it difficult to escape. The film A Price Above Rubies effectively showcases these obstacles by depicting arranged marriage within an Orthodox Jewish community. Some societies utilize arranged marriages as a means of suppressing women, compelling them to marry at a young age and preventing their independent development.

In certain cultures, like the polygamist sects in Western United States, arranged marriages have turned into a type of child abuse. It is important to consider this aspect when assessing the pros and cons of arranged marriages. The main disadvantage often mentioned is that modern individuals wish to experience the pleasures and potential pains of romantic love. Therefore, it seems improbable that arranged marriages will gain widespread acceptance in Western culture.

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