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Australian Youth Health Issues Sample

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Health concerns are ever one of the major issues being dealt by authoritiess in any state. The ground is obvious: enjoyment and mentality in life is. to a larger extent. dependent upon the status of an individual’s wellness. If the bulk of the population is healthy. it exudes an overall ambiance of optimism.

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Australian Youth Health Issues Sample
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In Australia. there has been a close monitoring of the authorities to its young person population ages 15-24. As in other western First World states.

common jobs such as drug and intoxicant maltreatment. unequal instruction. anorexia. kid maltreatment. depression. and fleshiness. are being studied to control the overall malady impacting Australia’s young person. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare provides an overall image of immature Australians’ wellness. In general. as the information reveals. Australian young person remain healthy. They have a positive mentality with respects to their wellness ( Patton & A ; Moon. 2000 ) . There are many factors lending to this current status. and the major being the attack or scheme given to command the past wellness jobs of young person.

Although there are new wellness menaces among young persons that have emerged. they are being closely monitored and the factors that contributed to their outgrowth have been more or less identified ( Povah. 2004 ) . Mental and behavioural upsets. sexually familial diseases. baccy usage. and fleshiness. are some of the wellness jobs identified. Although they are non wholly new. the record shows that these are on the addition when it comes to statistics to day of the month ( Patton & A ; Moon. 2000 ) . Most of deceases and hospitalization records fall to a great extent on autochthonal sector. which in consequence Tell. that low self-rating of wellness. hospitalizations. and decease are all linked to low socioeconomic position. For illustration. “recent decease rates for immature Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are close to three times higher in males and twice every bit high in females compared with rates for non-indigenous young person ( Patton & A ; Moon. 2000 ) . ”

Though. wellness jobs will non be wholly abolished. Australian authorities is making its portion to battle this perennial job. and is in greater grade. successful in its battle against it. They intensified wellness publicity and approached it in holistic manner. Factors lending to certain sort of upsets and diseases were identified such as life style. and common determiners in household or community. Family and school-based intercessions were besides put frontward as effectual agencies to assist these jobs. every bit good as community mobilisation. peer support. mentoring and legislative enforcement.


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Povah. David. 2004.The information development program: Latest findings-New profile of young person.

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