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The Autobiography of Malcolm X: Book Report

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One of the most outstanding names environing the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who used non-violent protests to contend for the equality of Afro-Americans. In the non-fiction book The Autobiography of Malcolm Ten: as told to Alex Hayley. which was published by Ballantine Books of The Random House Printing Group in 1973. we are taken on a disclosure. 466 page. journey through the life of “The angriest black adult male in America” Malcolm X.

This concentrating autobiography gives us a wing base on balls into the life of an African-american adult male who struggled through life and morphed into one of the most influential curates and political militants of the 1960’s.

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The Autobiography of Malcolm X: Book Report
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Malcolm X’s autobiography invites us into his life from his childhood beginnings. during The Great Depression. to the clip of his tryst in 1965. It covers his battle to happen his intent in life as a immature African-american adult male during a clip of great racism and his spiritual journey as an grownup that turned his life around doing him one of black America’s most powerful voices.

In the beginning Malcolm Tells of his rough childhood life as the boy of Earl and Louise Little. born on May 19. 1925 in Omaha. Nebraska. His male parent was a curate and organiser for Marcus Garvey and together they believed that all African-americans should travel back to the land of their ascendants. Malcolm’s female parent was a mulatto. portion white. giving her light tegument that was passed on to Malcolm who hated every spot of white blood that was in him. He goes on to state of how the white adult male tore apart his household.

His household was forced to travel to Lansing. Michigan to avoid Klu Klux Klan menaces. In Lansing Malcolm’s male parent was killed by a white domination group known as the Black Legion. While the household lost Earl Little they gained the company of white societal workers who worked over the old ages with the household and easy rupture it apart doing Louise Little to be moved in a mental establishment and doing the kids to be separated among surrogate households.

As a kid Malcolm succeeded in school and was at the top of his category but as life went on he went from a bookman to hustler and a party animate being traveling from Boston to New York to Chicago traveling out tardily at dark to dances and nines sing the night life environing him and even acquiring himself really acquainted with drugs. This hustling life lead to prison clip where Malcolm found himself emerged in books. and one time once more acquisition and where he began his life as a Muslim and a political leader.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X is decidedly a book worth reading and it leaves a large impact on so many people. First of all. Malcolm is one the most complex and true public figures. His narrative is full nil but dead honestness and it is this attitude of his that has so many talking about his autobiography. Malcolm X is one of those people who you either merely can non associate to or understand. or who you merely adore. His words and messages are powerful and blunt. and he is non afraid to talk his head.

For illustration he was comfy plenty to state Hayley to compose how the white adult male was “the devil” which is apprehensible sing his childhood. and how he believes the narrative of Mr. Yakub making the white adult male from a black adult male. but irrespective of if you agree with his thoughts and theories the book is a must read. I myself do non hold with naming white people Satans and of class do non believe the narrative of Mr. Yakub. Second of all. Alex Hayley did such an astonishing occupation of composing Malcolm’s autobiography.

Hayley gave the reader an first-class interlingual rendition of Malcolm’s ideas and feelings pulling the reader into the book and giving it a really intimate feeling. after all he was a journalist and he wrote the book based off of infinite interviews with Malcolm and together they are able to transport us to the clip where racism was in control of this state. Overall the book was a great read and I would most decidedly recommend it to anyone. In decision the book gives the reader a great journey through the life of one of the most powerful voices in the Civil Rights Movement.

Malcolm’s narratives are capturing and true and full of intending. It made me recognize precisely how much hate was about and how if it hadn’t of been for people like Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. our state could still hold been diseased with racism. that’s non to state that racism isn’t still around but it is a batch better than what it used to be. The message here is to larn to be accepting of others and to larn that we are all the same in Gods eyes or Allah’s depending on your faith. This book should most decidedly be on your list of things to read.

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