The Bass, The River and Sheila Mant Essay

There are many conflicts shown in The Bass, The River and Sheila Mant that are different from The Cold Equations In this English paper I will explain to you three of many of the conflicts in each story.

One of many of the conflicts in The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant was when the narrator was struggling whether or not to let the bass go and impress Sheila or to reel the bass in and ruin his date with Sheila.

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In The Cold Equations, the commander had a conflict with trying to figure out what to do about the young girl on his ship.These two onflicts were very different. Another contrasting conflict in The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant was when the narrator, while on his date, fought the fish to reel it in before he hit the current but he ended up hitting the current and so he physically dealt with having to paddle harder and faster to fight the current of the river.

In The Cold Equations, the Commander emotionally struggled whether to tell the young girl what was going to become of her or to wait until he hoped he could find a way to save her life and not have to jetison her off he ship.These two conflicts were very unique from eachother. A third and final conflict of these stories are when in The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant the narrator sees Sheila Mant and tries to ask her out on a date. He is very nervous and two questions ramble about in his brain.

Will she say yes or will she reject me because I am younger In The Cold Equations, the Commander struggles to open the closet door to see who the intruder is because he knows that he will have to jetison that person off the ship and he isnt too fond of killing someone.In Conclusion, every story has a conflict, but the way that the author presents that conflict is always different to catch the readers attention. The two stories that I just presented to you cought my attention quickly because they have amazing introductions, great climatic points and the most important of all, troubling conflicts and sometimes good or bad resolutions. In these two stories you have two major conflicts, but the circumstances and solutions around the conflicts were very different and thats how these stories have contrasting conflicts.

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