The Earth Is Dying Essay

The world is experiencing much damage which causes to great changes. I believe, that it is because of the rude and abusive deeds of its settlers, and these settlers are no other than us, “HUMANS”…. It is hard to admit but it is the reality that we, are the main causes of these alarming, frightening and devastating state that our Mother Earth is encountering. According to the Bible book of Genesis 1:1 says that “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and He made people in this world. So, the earth is made for the people to live with.

People are made to protect and be concerned the creation of God. Is this really happen today? How about you? Are you taking care of this creation? or making other one? It is considered that human-beings possessed the principal responsibility to shield and sustain the God-given beauty of His creation but still, most of the people didn’t adapt and realize their important obligation, instead, they are violating and damaging this duty by taking-away the treasures of Mother Earth due to their selfishness and greediness for “power”, “fame”, “authority” and especially, “wealth”.

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The Earth Is Dying
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Just like as the illegal loggers non stop cutting trees that made the situation worst, illegal fishersthat some of them are using dynamites in catching fish, miners and the factories that accumulate of harmful substance on the ground, and water causes pollution. People wasting their efforts in doing illegals, destructing God’s creation. We didn’t mind it that all of these creations in this world are valuable and important matter to live. It is true that the world’s resources are more than enough to meet our needs but so insufficient to satisfy our self-centered ambitions and desires.

It is also truthful that the supplies of this planet are plentiful and abundant but yet, all substances in this globe have its own limitations. I observed that many organisms are slowly vanishing and they are in danger of being totally wiped-out from its biodiversity in the near future since their sanctuaries or habitats are ruthlessly disturbed by some of the dissatisfied individuals and we all know that all organisms are interdependent and interconnected to each other. Therefore, if one living thing is at risk, there is an huge possibility that another organism will be n danger. I also observed nowadays floods are beyond extraordinary not like years ago, it destroyed everything may come in its way. Due to lack of waste management system. We are throwing garbage anywhere. Some are burning plastics and other non-biodegredable wastes that causes our ozone layer thin that result global warming. This Global Warming can lead to different calamities that can grandly affect every aspect of our lives including our food supply which can give birth to the death of many people worldwide. Aren’t these terrifying and horrible facts distressing?

When will be the time that we will open our eyes in responding to the call of nature and to the exposed reality and truth? It is very clear and lucid that we are the primary performers for this crime. WE are the murderers!!! We didn’t deny it that we are the murderers, because of this world become seriously damages due to our excessive abuse of the environment. We witness today the high magnitude earthquakes, tsunamis, great floods, devastating typhoon, crazy weather and many more. Unusual phenomenon before but normal events today. Millions of life were lost, billons of properties were destroyed and trillions of people were greatly affected.

Will we sit down and wait for the end of everything? Or will we start to care for our environment and see brighter tomorrow? So, what will we do now? In this case, we will get involved on seminars regarding our environmental concern. Reduce amount garbage we produce, avoid cutting trees and protect specific areas. Let’s don’t leave Mother Earthalone! She needs us! Let’s help restore and renew the beauty, grace and elegance of the Earth for our next generation… The future is in our HANDS!! So Come and Join with me for the renovating of MOTHER EARTH’S GLORY!!!….

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