Linguistic Communication: The Effects of Jejemon

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Learning and learning grammar is an of import facet of linguistic communication acquisition. It is non plenty to cognize how to interpret words into different linguistic communications. One of the purposes of linguistic communication acquisition is to assist pupils larn effectual communicating, therefore larning the right grammar is indispensable.

As noted by many syntacticians, analyzing a 2nd linguistic communication chiefly consisted of grammatical analysis and interlingual rendition of written signifiers.Developed for analysis of Greek and Latin, this attack divided the mark linguistic communication into eight parts of address: nouns, verbs, participials, articles, pronouns, prepositions, adverbs and concurrences. Learning the linguistic communication required survey of the eight classs in written text and the development of regulations for their usage in interlingual rendition.

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However, when eighteenth century syntacticians moved beyond the Grecian and Roman classics and began the survey of English, once more utilizing the eight classs to bring forth grammar regulations, it became clear that the parts of address could non be used as efficaciously to analyse a linguistic communication in which word order and sentence structure produced grammatical map and where regulations frequently had multiple exclusions.

However, this traditional attack remained the footing of instructional teaching method in the United States and England until late ( Howatt, 1984 ) , and is still being used in a figure of states as the primary method of English direction. This is peculiarly true for many English as foreign linguistic communication ( EFL ) schoolrooms, where English is learned chiefly through interlingual rendition into the native linguistic communication and memorisation of grammar regulations and vocabulary.Today, syntacticians have been able to utilize modern pedagogical grammars for learning and larning. Pedagogical grammars by and large describe the full structural complexness of any given unit ( Swan, 1995 ) , but important differences may emerge in the distribution of possible elements in existent discourse.

As mentioned, one of the specifying features of a modern pedagogical grammar is that it provides descriptive information which is helpful for scholars of the linguistic communication. With this definition, this paper will seek to compare the helpfulness of two pedagogical grammars by depicting the characteristics of transitivity of verbs and inactive voice.However, with the outgrowth of the jejemon languages, educational governments are seeking to convey its consequence on the pupils. Harmonizing to UrbanDictionary.

Com, it is anyone with a low tolerance for right punctuation, sentence structure and grammar. This definition is limited to the lingual manner of Jejemons. But in world, Jejemon is a new strain of flower peoples who have developed non merely their ain linguistic communication and written text but besides their ain sub-culture and manner. For brevity, I will restrict this article to Jejemon linguistic communication, which for deficiency of grammatical “canon” on how to name it, I will name it the “Jejenese” and their alphabet, “Jejebet.

The Jejenese is non merely confined to Pinoy Jejemons. Just before I wrote this, I played “Warcraft” and found a European opposition who enjoys typing “jejejeje” in a really broad context, much to my contempt as he sabotages my on-line pursuits. Another group of foreign Jejemons, although their Jejemonism seems so fiddling to really sort them as Jejemons, are the Thais who type “hahaha” this manner: “5555.” You will see a batch of these in your Thai friend’s Facebook position messages.

Since, the figure 5 translates to “ha” in Thai, as explained by my friend Pakorn Dokmai.I’m certain many of you have personal brushs with other foreign Jejemons, be in Manila or abroad. So we can presume that Jejemon is a worldwide phenomenon. Text messaging is the first of all time grounds that the Jejemons are non merely fictional animals ; they truly emerge.

They have a set of eyes ( and evidently the clip ) that can easy decode the word hidden in disorderly letters, jumping capitalisation, over-usage of the letters H, X or Z and mixture of numeral characters and our normal alphabet.To be able to understand Jejenese or to Jejetype is decidedly a accomplishment. In a commentary, “Intellectualizing a Language, ” by Dr. Ricardo Ma.

Nolasco published on June 13, 2009, in the Filipino Daily Inquirer, he said that: “We will ne’er be able to develop our linguistic communications for higher thought unless we begin basic literacy and instruction in them.” With the prevalence of Jejemon, will the long procedure of intellectualisation of our Filipino linguistic communication be held back? I believe that the reply depends on one’s leniency with the Jejemons.Merely as whether or non the Jejenese and the Jejebet wreak mayhem on major linguistic communications depends on how one perceives Jejemonism. The Jejemons find their topographic point in their universe by happening a kin, or a regular group of people they text and talk with in Jejenese.

Regardless of whether they know each other or non, they will speak to other members of these kins and even run into up with them in Jejelands ( frequent hang-outs ):

  1. Where did the jejemon word came from?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of jejemon?
  3. Who are the individuals involved in this province?
  4. How does this method affect the other’s?
  5. What are the ways to forestall its disadvantages?
  6. Where did the jejemon word came from?

Jejemon is a pop civilization phenomenon in the Philippines. Harmonizing to Urban Dictionary a Jejemon is a individual “who has managed to overthrow the English linguistic communication to the point of incomprehensibility.” The Filipino Daily Inquirer describes Jejemons as a “new strain of hippie who have developed non merely their ain linguistic communication and written text but besides their ain subculture and manner.The beginnings of short-staffed typewriting was through the short messaging service, in which each text message sent by a cellular telephone is limited to 160 characters. As a consequence, an “SMS language” developed in which words were shortened in order to suit the 160-character bound.

However, some jejemons are non truly “conserving” characters ; alternatively, they are lengthening their message.On April 14, 2010, on a Pinoy Tumblr, a station about frailty presidential campaigner Jejomar Binay indicated that he was the Jejemon’s preferable frailty presidential campaigner, complete with a bogus posting with him called as “Jejemon Binay.” Later the usage of word jejemon to mention to such people made unit of ammunitions in assorted Filipino cyberspace message boards. The Jejemons are said to be the new jologs, a term used for Filipinos of the lower income category.

The parametric quantities of being classified as a Jejemon are still ill-defined, and how the different “levels” of “Jejemonism” are reached, although there are named degrees such as “mild, ” “moderate” and “severe” or “terminal. The sociolect of the Jejemons, called Jejenese, is derived from English, Filipino and their code-switched discrepancy, Taglish. It has its ain, albeit unofficial, writing system, known as Jejebet, which uses the Filipino discrepancy of the Roman alphabet, Arabic numbers and other particular characters.Wordss are created by rearranging letters in a word, jumping capitalisation, over-usage of the letters H, X or Z.

Superfluous every bit good as the presence of soundless letters characterize its spelling convention. It has similarities with Leetspeak, chiefly the alphameric nature of its authorship.2. What are the advantages and disadvantage of jejemon?That has been the inquiry on everybody’s head of all time since a image of presidential aspirer Gilbert Teodoro keeping a mark declaring that he would direct all jejemons back to simple school started go arounding on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

But even before doing its introduction on Urban Dictionary, the word “jejemon” has been doing sporadic visual aspects elsewhere on the web.On Pinoy Tumblr, for case, “jejemon” appeared on a station made on April 14 about vice-presidential campaigner Jejomar Binay — complete with a bogus run posting naming him “Jejemon Binay” . It makes an even earlier visual aspect on the My Ragnarok Online Forum.In a station that went up on March 14 entitled “Jejemon Ka Ba? ” , user Deviluke points out that most jejemon wear loose-fitting apparels and athletics jejecaps – rainbow caps normally worn backwards and merely placed on top of one’s caput. points out that “jeje” enjoys popular use among Spanish-speaking states as a word to denote laughter. “Jejemon” sprung from its combination with the subculture spawned by popular Asiatic Zanzibar copal, “Pokemon” .Administrators and members of Got ta Kill ‘Em All, Jejemon seem to hold that the term “jejemon” was foremost coined a month ago, but the behaviour attributed to jejemon was around for much longer.

“This sort of typewriting started when text messaging became celebrated and they used it to shorten long text messages, ” says Kahel, one of the decision makers of Got ta Kill ‘Em All, Jejemon. “I foremost encountered them in high school. Mobile messaging was the newest and hottest technological tendency so, ” says 24-year-old quality analyst Aldrin Fauni-Tanos. “Like dinosaurs, their being preceded their find and categorization”.

RecommendationIn this research, as the research workers, we therefore recommend that before we use to make shortcut text messaging, we should cognize our restrictions in utilizing it. It is better to confer with foremost the counsel of the old 1s, the individuals expert of utilizing cell phones and the individuals who are involve in all engineering so that it will be easy for us to cognize information’s about it in order to avoid it’s disadvantages.Yes, it is good to utilize cell phone because of the benefits that it will give unto us but come to believe of the world that it truly hold besides some barriers that may take us to failure in the ends that we have. Learn foremost on how you will pull off to familiarise utilizing the method.

Such method may take to failure on success. Last, we recommend to the readers to seek reading this research of ours and use the usher or regulations we have research for your questions sing the usage of cutoff text messaging.

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