The Influence, Motivation and Encouragement I Received from My Parents

The relationship which parents share with their teenagers is a very unique one. Parents are always here to guide their teenagers and to help them understand what is good or what is bad. It becomes the responsibility of the teenager to pay heed to the advice given by parents. Similarly, parental advice has made the person I am at this point in life.

My parents have always motivated me to read or to watch documentaries to broaden my knowledge on world affairs and to improve my English language. When I started to discover things by myself through reading it was a real achievement for me. I felt motivated to read more and more. Spirituality, literature, magazines and novels were great friends to me during my adolescence. They even are the best of friends for me. My interest in reading reflected in my literature classes where I gave the best of myself to interpret the novel and answer questions successfully.

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Also, even if I was 14, my parents have always talked to me openly. They made me realize I was too young to engage myself in a love relationship. I never understood the meaning of it until I saw my friends of the same age group getting into relationships and fighting and breaking up. They used to cry all night over petty things. It was then that I understood that I do not want such a life. So I never engaged myself in an early relationship. This enabled me to dedicate more time to my studies and during my free time I would just watch movies or take a nap.

Moreover, since my parents were very strict when it comes to respecting elderly people. I inherited this quality from them. They always encouraged me to give a call to my grand-parents time and again to keep in touch with them. Now, this has become a habit. I never miss giving them a call and it is a wonderful feeling to have their blessings when calling them. If my parents never boosted me to respect and keep in touch with my grand- parents, maybe I would never have known what is the taste of a blessing.

Finally, I am so grateful to have such parents. They are role-models for me and has always guided me in the right direction without imposing anything. They only showed me which path to choose and it was my responsibility whether to choose them or not. But I have never regretted a single advice of my parents. They were all very helpful to me.

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