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Music Lyrics and Concerned Parents 

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  • Pages 3
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    Nothing like hearing a teen shout and scream profound lyrics and asking if they can go to that artists concert. Wondering why someone would like such music let alone pay to see them perform it is something that takes time to understand. Today’s music lyrics not only influences positivity in the youth, but also drive them to be more creative.

    One of the most common misconceptions with music is the lyrics having having a negative impact on teens. People believe that some music lyrics encourage teens to rebel and misbehave, but that’s not the case. Today’s music although might seem crazy to the untrained ear, it actually promotes getting through tough situations, chasing your dreams, and creating the life worth chasing. “After years of studies purporting to show the harmful effects of young people listening to songs with violent or misogynistic themes, a psychologist has concluded that music containing a positive message has a beneficial impact on listeners” (Walker 11).

    Another popular thing is associating rap music with gang members, ”A former gang member explains how some rap music lyrics and the music itself can be poor role models for kids” (Turner 3). The majority of rappers that fall into this category are the ones who are telling their own story and their experiences in hopes that others can actually look up to them and realize that living a bad life, stuck gang banging , trying hard enough has the chance at changing your life around and turn it into something new. It’s what the youth listens too now, “The teenagers sniggering at XXXTentacion’s misogynistic lyrics are no different from me, 35 years ago, thrilling to the satanic themes of Mercyful Fate albums” (Hann).

    Music not only hits home to some people, but builds a connection with them. “XXXTentacion was a nasty piece of work, and few should mourn him, yet the writer’s 13- or 14- or 15-year-old was devastated by his death” (Hann). These artists build friendships through their music that people feel that is very genuine and real. When rappers pass away it’s a different feeling for people. Most will feel like they lost more than just an artist, but more as if they lost a family member. These rappers mean way more to people than some may understand. There’s also the fact that artists create words kids use every single day. “I’ve developed an entire curriculum, Words Liive, that teaches Common Core State Standards texts through the literary genius of Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Tupac and others” (Perkins 21). The artists are changing the way the entire world works with the words they use.

    Music is never going to disappear from our lives. It’s something that’s going to stick with us forever. The lyrics will always offend someone, no matter how and who says them. But what wont change is the effect that the rappers have on the people listening to them. The encouragement and positivity that they bring is what will create the more positive and unique future.

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