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Concept of The Jack of All Trades



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    The Jack of All Trades is a master at none, so as they say. However, it may be more fitting to claim that these people who can perform a lot of things can survive in a world in flux. I believe this claim, so to speak. It is quite simple: a person who knows a lot, or can do a lot of different things would be more productive than a person who only specializes on a single line of work. If that is the case, I believe that a “Renaissance man or woman” (Jack of all trades) has an advantage over the typical the single-specialty type of person. However, many would still claim otherwise.

    I would agree with the fact that a person should gain knowledge from numerous fields because all of these garnered knowledge would be useful at some point of his or her life. I would argue that studying on a single field alone would hinder the person’s intellectual growth and the search for knowledge will most likely be limited on that field alone. Yes, it may have its advantages since the person could master such field, but it takes time to master a single field. I would also like to argue that the renaissance person or the jack of all trades would have a huge advantage in terms of applying the knowledge in the modern world. With society in flux and today’s world in crisis, the number of job positions on different fields continue to change.

    On a personal level, I believe that I am a renaissance person in the making since I want to focus on a whole lot of different fields. It would satisfy my hunger for knowledge on fields related to my course. Even if I would not be a master on any of these fields, I would still be competent enough to perform the required task related to these fields. Mastering a certain field does not have to be immediate since it could be achieved through the experience gathered from those different fields.

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