White Fang by Jack London

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“White Fang” opens with a group of two men and six sled dogs traveling through the Arctic, carrying a dead man in a coffin. They were being chased by hungry wolves. Each night, a female wolf-dog hybrid would lure one of the dogs away to be killed by the pack.

The canines were continuously slaughtered until only three dogs remained. A courageous person attempted to save a fourth dog that was being mercilessly attacked by the wolves but tragically lost their life in the process. Following this incident, the wolves gradually surrounded the camp where a solitary man and his two remaining dogs sought refuge. As the fire, which had been keeping the wolves away, diminished to a flicker, a team of rescuers arrived just in time to rescue the man and his loyal companions from being devoured by the hungry pack.

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After their departure, the pack came across an impressive 800 lb. bull moose. At this point, they split up to pursue their individual desires: three wolves went after a unique hybrid of a wolf and dog known as a she-wolf.

The 3 wolves engaged in a battle, and One Eye, an aged wolf skilled in fighting, emerged victorious, thus earning the rights to the she-wolf. The she-wolf then gave birth to a litter of 5 wolf pups, with only one surviving, a spirited cub named White Fang. White Fang eventually became a companion to the Indians, accompanying them on their journeys, yet he always felt the allure of the untamed wilderness. The Indians greatly treasured him as he developed into a formidable fighter, pitted against other dogs. He gained wisdom and acquired numerous skills. His worth to them was immeasurable, but a man called Beauty Smith discovered a way to purchase him through alcohol. Beauty Smith exploited White Fang’s fighting abilities and organized fights while accepting wagers on them. No opponent could defeat White Fang until he encountered a pitbull. In this encounter, the pitbull had White Fang ensnared by the neck and was gradually sinking its teeth into his jugular. At that moment, a man named Weedon Scott intervened by striking Beauty Smith and freeing White Fang from the pitbull’s grip. Scott began to develop affection for White Fang and showered him with affection.

White Fang initially feared that Scott might harm him, but eventually developed a strong affection for Scott. This bond grew so deep that when Scott departed, White Fang became ill and refused to eat. In an attempt to prevent Scott’s departure a second time, White Fang leaped through a window. Scott, taking notice, brought White Fang along to his home in Sierra Vista. At this residence, Scott’s father, who happened to be a judge, found himself targeted by a man named Jim Hall. Sensing an intruder in the house, White Fang intervened and killed Jim Hall, albeit getting shot in the process. Despite the injury, White Fang made a remarkable recovery and spent the rest of his days living tranquilly in Sierra Vista.

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