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The Lamb And The Pinecone



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    QEP: The Lamb And The Pinecone

    The Lamb And The Pinecone
    The piece or excerpt taken from “The Lamb And The Pinecone” is one that reflects the youth and childhood of a man who is now an adult. Because he is unable to attach to anything in his adulthood like he was able to attach to his toy lamb as a child, he longs to fulfill that feeling once more. This excerpt demonstrates one longing for childhood feelings during manhood. The author indicates that the lesson of friendship is one that he learned as a child, and he has been unable to experience valuable lessons since: “…that is a great lesson I learned in my childhood, in the backyard of a lonely house.”

    This quote continues as the author explains that maybe he and his brother was only playing a game with a lamb and pinecones, but to him it was more than a game. The fun they created in the backyard was indestructible and deep. These gifts remained inside of him. Because the memories are gifts hat are indestructible, the author is giving us insight into his adulthood. He is explaining that even as a grown man, nothing so detrimental or major has impacted his life like the lamb, pinecone, or even his best friend from childhood, his brother. These memories are life lasting, and the result of major experiences, growing up. In conclusion, this excerpt implies that once one becomes an adult, moments from child hood maybe missed or longed for, but are irreplaceable. Just as the author longed for his child like memories and could not fulfill or experience those moments again in adult hood, we are not able to replace memories either.

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