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The McDonald’s Corporation is the largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants in the world, with approximately 68 million customers served daily across 119 countries. Due to its vast and intricate organization, its response to market changes may be sluggish. On the other hand, Starbucks introduced mooncakes during the Chinese Mid-autumn festival, blending Chinese and western traditions and setting a new mooncake trend. In comparison, McCafé’s attempt at local adaptation in Hong Kong appears less successful.

McCafé is typically located next to McDonald’s, but if the McDonald’s store is regularly crowded, McCafé can become noisy and uncomfortable for those who want a quiet place to read, work, or have personal time. Therefore, for customers who have these preferences, McCafé is not the ideal option.

McCafé, established in 1993, is relatively young compared to Starbucks, which began its coffee journey in 1971. As a result, McCafé has yet to attain the same level of renown as Starbucks. Many individuals prefer to visit the top coffee chain for high-quality coffee rather than McDonald’s, a company renowned for its tasty hamburgers. By 2008, Starbucks had opened approximately 16,680 stores worldwide, while McCafé had just 1,300 locations globally.

The success of McCafé is closely tied to McDonald’s overall business strategy, as it is usually located near or inside McDonald’s restaurants. This means that some customers are attracted to McCafé because of their familiarity with McDonald’s. McCafé is considered to be an integrated part of McDonald’s brand.

McCafé offers a variety of approximately 30 beverages and around 10 desserts, many of which are high in calories and cholesterol. Additionally, excessive coffee consumption can cause health problems like insomnia, calcium deficiency, and even cancer. Nowadays, more people in Hong Kong are embracing healthier lifestyles, leading to less demand for fast food. As a result, both McCafé and McDonald’s business in Hong Kong will be affected. (In 2003, Morgan Spurlock made the documentary “Super Size Me” suggesting that McDonald’s food contributed to the obesity issue among Americans.)

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