“The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs Review

In “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs, it is about a monkey’s paw that grants 3 wishes but something bad happens every time a wish is granted. The reason behind this is because an old fakir put a spell on it, he did this to show that fate ruined people’s lives. They thought he was crazy and did not believe him when he told them. The soldier threw it onto the fire because there was no reason for him to have it, then Mr. White snathced it out of the fire and asked him why he did that. Mr. White decided to keep it even though he only partially believed the soldier.

The whole family laughed when the soldier told them the paw was magic. No one believed it was true until it crawled around in a “snake” like motion in Mr. Whites hand. The son and mother still thought it was a joke and thought that Mr. White was crazy. Although everyone else thought it was not real Mr. White started to think it was. He decided to wish for enough money so he could clear the house and be happy. He decided to do that, but the son still did not believe it was real.

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The next day the son had to leave for work and still did not believe it was real as he jokingly said before he left the house to leave for work “Well, don’t break into the money before I come back”. Then whilst he was at work he got caught in the machinery and died. W.W. Jacobs was foreshadowing this because out of everyone he still did not believe it was real. The factory gave the family exactly two hundred pounds for the death of their son. Mr. and Mrs. White then started to believe the paw was actually magic and not just a coincidence. Mrs. White was devastated by this because that was her son. That night Mrs. White told Mr. White to use the second wish and wish for their son to come back. He did it and they heard a loud bang on the door. The whole house then started to make all kinds of weird noises.

Mr. White knew this was going to be bad. He remembered he had one wish left. Although he did not want to go against his wife’s wishes he had to make a choice to save them. He wished for their son to go back to the graveyard before Mrs. White could open the door. As they were about to open the door the house calmed down and there was no longer any pounding on the door. Mrs. White then opened the door to see an empty street with only a street lamp. Although she was destroyed by the fact she would never be able to see her son again. Mr. White was too sad but he had to do it to save them.

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