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The Moral Dilemma Of The Lion King English Literature Essay

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The Lion King tells the narrative of a immature greenhorn named Simba, his birth and manner of life, and the moral quandary ‘s he faces since his male parents decease. The narrative takes topographic point in the Pride Lands, where a king of beasts regulations as male monarch over the other animate beings. This king of beasts is Simba ‘s male parent, King Mufasa with his married woman Queen Sarabi. A Mandrillus sphinx named Rafiki nowadayss Simba, who is a newborn greenhorn at this clip, to the animate beings of Pride Rock.

Simba ‘s uncle Scar, who desires the throne for himself, leads Simba into his first initial moral quandary. Scar does this by doing the Elephant Graveyard, a topographic point where King Mufasa forbade Simba to travel, sound alluring, dark and cryptic. Simba, being the funny greenhorn that he was, decided to withstand his male parents warnings and take Nala with him to detect for himself what the Elephant Graveyard was like.

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The Moral Dilemma Of The Lion King English Literature
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Simba visits the cemetery, and is in danger when Mufasa comes to his assistance, but finds himself at the terminal of a drop which falls straight below to the wild stampede that Scar has created. Mufasa saves his boy but is left cleaving to the border of a drop, which consequences in Scar flinging him into the stampede below and he faces his decease. Simba is convinced by Scar that he himself was responsible for his male parent ‘s decease and goes into expatriate. Scar informs the pride that both Mufasa and Simba were killed in the stampede, and that he is presuming the throne as the following in line.

Simba is found unconscious by Timon and Pumbaa, a meerkat-warthog couple who adopt and raise the greenhorn. When Simba has grown into an grownup he is discovered by Nala. Nala so tells him that Scar has turned the Pride Lands into a bare barren ; she asks Simba to return and take his topographic point as male monarch. Once back at Pride Rock, Simba ( with Timon, Pumbaa and Nala ) is horrified to see the status of the Pride Lands. Scar tells the pride that Simba was responsible for Mufasa ‘s decease and corners Simba at the border of Pride Rock. As Simba dangles over the border of Pride Rock, Scar susurrations to Simba that he killed Mufasa. Enraged, Simba leaps up and pins Scar to the land, coercing him to acknowledge the truth to the pride. Scar blames the hyaena for Mufasa ‘s decease, but Simba orders Scar to travel into expatriate. Scar pretends to go forth but turns to assail Simba, ensuing in a concluding affaire d’honneur. Simba victory over his uncle by tossing him over a low drop. The movie concludes with the Pride Lands turning green with life once more and Rafiki showing Simba and Nala ‘s newborn greenhorn.

Moral Dilemma

Simba faces many moral quandary in this narrative, nevertheless the most important 1 that he has to get the better of is returning to Pride Rock after he believes that he is the ground that his male parent has died.

Background Information about Moral Dilemma

As mentioned before, Scar has led Simba to believe that he is the ground for his male parent ‘s decease. In some facets, it can be seen that Simba may hold been an act uponing factor to his male parent ‘s decease, since he intentionally disobeys him by traveling to Elephant Graveyard. The witting determination that Simba made to withstand his male parents orders brings notice to the fact that if Simba was accustomed to listening to what he has been told, his male parent finally would non hold died. Despite this fact, the determination Scar made to allow his ain brother autumn to his decease can merely be his mistake. Puting act uponing factors aside, Simba is guiltless.

Three Options for Dilemma

First option: Mufasa should train Simba more, and implement the regulations.

Second option: Simba should obey his male parent ‘s orders, since he is mature plenty to be able to differ from right and incorrect.

Third option: Scar should see the benefits of being in the royal household without any of the duty directed upon him.

Reasoning for Prosecuting Each Option

The first option for this quandary would be for Mufasa to recognize that his brother means him injury since he is visibly covetous from the beginning. If Mufasa realized this, than he could do certain that Simba would listen to his orders because he would implement them instead than being a lenient male parent. This option should be pursued, because so Simba would ne’er travel to the Elephant Graveyard, and basically would non fall as the victim to Scar ‘s program to derive the throne. In add-on, Mufasa would be able to prolong life in the Pride Lands, and ticker over his full land and household with no menace from his brother. The 2nd option would be for Simba to be a more obedient kid. In both instances, when Scar leads Simba into danger, Simba finally carried out Scar ‘s program. The first clip, when Scar told Simba about the Elephant Graveyard, he made it sound cryptic, but he besides casually told Simba non to travel at that place. Scar knew that Simba would still travel, because of his disobedient behavior, seting non merely himself in danger, but Nala excessively. This is seen another clip, when Scar tells Simba to remain set on an island that would hold put him out of injuries manner if he did n’t travel to the centre of the land where the awaited stampede would take topographic point. The 3rd option for this quandary would be for Scar to come to the realisation that household bonds should remain stronger than stuff wealth and position. If Scar realized this, than he could hold the benefits of being the male monarch ‘s brother, without any of the duty, which finally would profit him every bit good. This is another option to be pursued because so Pride Rock would be able to prolong itself without the hyaena occupying the district. Simba would ne’er be sent into exile bearing the guilt that is non his to get down with, and he would hold a male parent figure to steer him into adulthood.

What the Character Decides

Simba finally decides to return to Pride Rock after his expatriate, after Rafiki, Nala and most significantly, the spirit of his male parent convinces him to take what is truly his.

Relation to Ethical Stances

A ) Classical Ethical motives: Aristotle

When looking at classical moralss, Aristotle is seen as the male parent of the field of logic. He was the first to develop a formalistic system for concluding and he observed that the cogency of any statement can be determined by its construction instead than its content. This being the instance, I believe that Aristotle would O.K. of Simba ‘s determination to return to the Pride Lands. For illustration, in his work in moralss and political relations, Aristotle identifies the highest good with rational virtuousness and provinces that a moral individual is one who conducts certain virtuousnesss based on concluding. In add-on, Aristotle ‘s accent on good logical thinking supports Simba ‘s determination of returning to Pride Rock as the rightful male monarch, so he can prolong life and basically reconstruct order and normalcy for the animate beings of the land.

C ) Modern Ethical motives: Utilitarianism

In modern moralss, Utilitarianism is the thought that the moral worth of an action is determined entirely by its ability in supplying felicity or pleasance among all present existences. When Nala asked Simba to return to Pride Rock, she had the felicity of the full land in her head. If Simba returned as the rightful male monarch, and fell in topographic point of his male parent, she knew that it would profit all except Scar and the hyaena. The good of the bulk and of herself and Simba conquers Scar ‘s felicity of governing a land. Therefore, philosophers such as John Stuart Mill, who was an influential subscriber to this political orientation, would O.K. of my character ‘s determination. This is because Simba ‘s moral worth of an action, which is returning to a topographic point he thought was forbidden for him, is determined by the result which is basically salvaging Pride Rock and it ‘s dwellers.

D ) Contemporary Ethical motives: Determinism

Determinism is the philosophical position that every event, including human knowledge, behavior, determination, and action, is causally determined by anterior events. It is, in kernel, the position that one ‘s life is predetermined before one is even born. This can be seen as a cause and events type of scenario. Simba ‘s male parent, Mufasa, was the male monarch of the Pride Lands, nevertheless due to his ill-timed decease by the paws of his brother ; his opinion came to a short terminal. This being stated, Simba is the rightful male monarch that is following in line, as the royal position descends from the first neonate, nevertheless Scar made it look as though Simba had died every bit good. Scar ‘s effort merely backfired, because as seen from the past coevalss, Simba is meant to be king no affair what. Since this is a cause and event state of affairs, and from a Determinists point of position, it can be seen that the cause of Mufasa ‘s decease would take Simba to be the new male monarch, and this had been put into consequence when Nala discovered Simba accidentally.

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