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The Most Important Bill of Rights

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The Most Important Bill of Rights

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The Most Important Bill of Rights
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              Amendment I regarding freedom of speech (or expression of oneself), religion, press, and the right for assembly and petitioning the government for a redress of grievances is the bill of right, which I considered most important.  These rights are inherent to a democratic society. How can one experience true democracy if there is no freedom for self and group expressions? Freedom of speech is important so we may communicate clearly what we feel.

Press freedom, one expression of the freedom of speech, should not be hindered. It is an instrument in delivering the truth to the public. It is the right of the people to voice out their grievances towards the government or to other societies. Freedom to exercise our religion is also necessary. This freedom allows us to respect the cultures and traditions of the many religious organizations.

Security and Civil Liberties in Face of External Threats

             In times of imminent danger in the society brought by terrorism, civil liberties and security are unstable.

Democracy can and should maintain balance between security and civil liberties in face of external threats. It should always look after the protection and welfare of the citizens. Although in times of war and external threats, greater reports on violations of civil rights occur. With democracy, the State must be fair and reasonable, to maintain civil rights without compromising human security. Democracy is established to give freedom and limit the restrictions. Many are willing to trade off their civil liberties for the sake of security especially from terrorist attacks.

            Violation of one’s civil liberty is against democracy. These violations may include hindrance from freedom of speech, press, rights for protesting, suspension of writ of habeas corpus, racial profiling, and heightened security measures like airport checkpoints, national ID system, wire tapping, as well as unreasonable searches and seizure.

Other Known Terrorist Groups

Terrorist groups are pain to many. Aside from the infamous Al-Qaeda, there are many other terrorist groups that affect National Security. One is Al-Jihad, also known as Islamic Jihad. This first started on the late 70s in Egypt. The goal of this group was to overthrow the Egyptian government and replace it with an Islamic State. It is believed to have close affiliations with Bin Laden’s group.

Another organization is the Palestine Liberation Front from Palestine in mid-1970s. The main goal of the Palestine Liberation Front was to create a Palestinian state. This group has been receiving support from Iraq. The Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) became active in the Philippines on 1991. The main goal of which is to promote an independent Islamic state in western Mindanao.

Winston Smith

Winston Smith is the lead character in George Orwell’s novel about a Totalitarian regime. In the novel, Winston Smith represented Winston Churchill, a national leader. He has a rebellious and strong opposition to the totalitarian regime. He used his diary to narrate all his secret plans of opposing the regime headed by Big Brother (Stalin). He was not able to move forward his opposition as the regime is controlling all the people. The totalitarian regime was described to be undemocratic, dictatorial, and unjust in its laws. Aside from that people are under surveillance (telescreen) and under control. There is also wide suppression of freedom. There is also a terroristic side as the government induces fear among its people by constant bomb attacks.

Lessons from the First Trade Center Bombing

On the first Trade Center bombings the government must have learned the lesson that the security of the World Trade Center was under a serious threat. The World Trade Center was the focus of attack of big time terrorists. The country should have monitored the foreigners or the possible attacks from suspected terrorists since the World Trade is such a challenging object for massive destruction. In the 1993 attack, it was the dream of Ramzi Yousef to collapse the famous twin towers. The 9/11 attack had created global terror because America, a very powerful country, was not exempted in terrorism acts. Living in a prominent country is not a guarantee of safety in terms of terrorism. Security issues should be given keen attention so that this kind of fall out will not happen again.


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