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Poverty is being without things. holding small money. non many material ownerships and in demand of indispensable goods. In short. being hapless agencies that the people have nil. and they have to fight to even last everyday. After physically and mentally tortured for a long period of clip due to poverty. evil ideas of acquiring out of the barbarous rhythm through illegal ways or new thoughts that they think that will better their lives will bit by bit get down to organize in the hapless people’s heads. These ideas and thoughts cause them to abandon their values and they may finally alter their attitude and behaviour towards issues that are go oning about them every bit long as they can halt being hapless.

I merely agree that the female parent of revolution is poverty. There are many illustrations that happen in the yesteryear or go oning around us now which can back up my base that poorness is the root cause for rather a figure of revolution in history. nevertheless poorness does non increase offense rates in states.

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The celebrated revolution in Soviet Union is an illustration of revolution caused by poorness. The provincials suffered under the regulation of the Tsar because many of them were excessively hapless to even afford nutrient for the whole household. They wanted person to stand up and take them out of the poorness rhythm. And when Lenin the leader of the Bolsheviks stood up and offered the thought of “Peace. Land. Bread” . and the thought of holding equal portions of everything in the province gave the hapless hope. finally Lenin took over and formed the authorities. From this illustration. we can see that poorness so as the ability to spur people on to arise so as to accomplish a normal life and do non hold to fear of famishment.

The other celebrated revolution is the Persian Revolution and it has been called “the 3rd great revolution in history. ” following the Gallic and Bolshevik revolutions. It is a revolution that transformed Iran from a monarchy under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. to an Islamic democracy under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. the leader of the revolution and laminitis of the Islamic Republic. Extravagance. corruptness and elitism ( both existent and perceived ) of the Shah’s policies and of his royal tribunal had caused people in Iran to populate in poorness. This was similar to the revolution in Soviet Union where people were attracted by the promise to hold better lives after the revolution. This revolution besides supports my base that the female parent of revolution is poorness.

Apart from these two revolutions. there were still many other revolutions and the similarity between them is due to poverty of people.

It is non true to state that offense rates will be higher in less developed states because there are more hapless people while offense rates are lower in more developed states because there are less hapless people. Alternatively. it is the other manner unit of ammunition. From statistics from NationMaster. it is shown clearly that offenses such as larcenies. bulgaries. kidnaps etc. which are related to what hapless people would make to gain money. are more common in developed states than in less developed states where there are more hapless people. Statisticss have shown that it is United States which is taking in offenses such as larcenies and bulgaries. I feel that as a state advancement. the people will hold more desires. therefore more offenses are committed to gain themselves adequate money to purchase what they want. It is non true to state that hapless people are non involved in offenses but the hapless do non perpetrate as much offenses as the people in developed states do. Therefore. the statistics back up my base that poorness is non the existent cause for high offense rates in states around the universe.

In decision. I feel that poorness is the cause for many of the revolutions but Is do non hold that poorness is the chief ground that cause offense rates to be high.

Poverty“The female parent of revolution and offense is poverty” [ Aristotle ] Do you hold?

Aristotle one time said. “The female parent of revolution and offense is poverty. ”

This is true to some extend. As it is non incorrect to hold that poorness can do people to perpetrate offenses and revolution. Poverty is the province or status of holding small or no money. goods. or agencies of support ; status of being hapless ; need. This province can be fuel for offense and revolution. nevertheless it is besides incorrect to impute all offenses and revolutions to poorness.

Revolution as a cause of poorness can go on when poorness causes choler and defeat. Often. people get caught in a poorness rhythm. as they have small money to put in instruction or concern that would assist them out of the rhythm. Therefore they see the rich acquiring richer. while they are acquiring poorer. Soon they would experience discontent and unjustly treated. This feeling could do them to lift up to a leader with a common end. Take the 1911 Revolution in China for illustration. 90 % of the population were hapless provincials. being treated as worthless by the in-between categories and their landlords. The authorities did little to assist. and there were parts where many provincials literally starved to decease. This cause them to go progressively discontented about their state of affairs in life and therefore they gave their support to extremist groups alternatively of the authorities. paving manner for a revolution. It is the deficiency of nutrient. shelter. medical specialty. and other necessities that causes discontent. And as the expression goes. a hungry adult male is an angry adult male. Soon it would be easy that a merely beat uping such people. arousing them. and it can turn into a public violence. and with leading. revolution.

Poverty can besides do offense. As poorness deprive one of their basic necessities and so a endurance inherent aptitude boots in. the individual even left with a last option to rob or steal to acquire his basic necessities. would likely utilize it to maintain his endurance. A individual can besides perpetrate a offense to back up his love 1s and his household. To them it is an attractive option as ; offense can pay good and fast. A hapless adult male with a deceasing girl. who needs an operation. is extremely likely of perpetrating a offense to acquire the money for the operation. Another ground why poorness can do offenses can besides be the deficiency of instruction for the kids. In hapless households. there is no money for a kid to be sent to school. As such could pass his clip rolling the street and blending about with bad company. It is worst when both parents are working to back up the household and there is no 1 to watch the kid. A kid grown up in an unhealthy environment with a deficiency of instruction has incorrect values that can drive him to perpetrating offenses.

However. non all revolution is caused by poorness. Revolution can be do a figure of other factors. Such include a hungriness for power. a privation to distribute new political orientation. favoritisms. discontent with the authorities. Normally in a revolution. there are many factors that cause it to get down and do it to be successful. Looking back at the same illustration. the 1911 Revolution in China. Another ground for the revolution was the discontent of the in-between category. they were profoundly unhappy with the manner the state was run and felt it was rearward and inefficient. Besides corruptnesss persist doing it difficult for person to win on virtue. Thus the in-between category waited for a opportunity to free China of its inefficient opinion household. As such. poorness may non be the exclusive ground for all revolution.

Similarly. non all offense is caused by poorness. Just by looking at the instances of the constabulary. it can be known that non merely hapless people commit offenses. Celebrity felons include. Lindsay Lohan. Paris Hilton. Ryan O’Neal and many many more. these people are far from hapless. and still they commit offenses. There can be many other grounds for offenses. Crimes can be cause by fury. and in folly. Crime can be committed by people addicted for its shake. A rich adult male who likely can afford more so 50 of the point he stole likely stole it for the shake or the merriment of it. merely for the feeling. That same feeling is habit-forming plenty to do him make it once more and once more. till he gets caught. Others commit offenses out of love ; offenses of passion. Besides. offenses such as devouring drugs. imbibe driving. colza. kid maltreatment. sexual assaults. are crimes difficult to be associated with poorness. Drugs and intoxicant are likely one of the last few things a hapless adult male would pass his money on unless he is already addicted to them. As such. offense can non be wholly attributed to poorness.

“The female parent of revolution and offense is poverty. ” true to a certain extend. With cognizing what poorness can do. the issue now should be how to assist those in poorness and what can society make to work out it.

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