The Pact

Even though there were many great books to choose from, I chose The Pact for my short novel essay - The Pact introduction. The Pact has a great reputation and was recommended by a few famous celebrities. The book was also a New York Times and Essence #1 Bestseller. It is powerful and inspiring as it shows the importance of good decision making in all aspects alike. It is about making the best out of every situation, to abstain from drugs, committing to your studies, and picking yourself back up when you are just about ready to give up.

Most importantly, this book illustrates the importance of friends and how it is important to choose them wisely as they influence you greatly whether you know it or not. My initial impression of the author’s purpose was to inspire and encourage the reader to follow their dreams and to never give up. The book has taught me that the road to success is hard work, but if you believe in yourself and you are dedicated to school, your hard work will soon pay off. The Pact urges one to run that extra mile as it shows even the least unexpected person can accomplish big things if they learn to balance their time.

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I believe the book is philosophical, because it shows how three young men had enough moral self-discipline to earn doctoral degrees. My first impression from my reading did change from the beginning to the end of the book. A couple of times during my reading, I thought Rameck would not finish his part of the deal. At one point I thought Rameck would get kicked out of college for beating up one of his classmates. Another time I thought he would get kicked out for stealing from the bookstore. When I finished the book, I was so proud that all three of the boys stuck to their pact and became doctors.

George, Sam, and Rameck grew up in Newark, New Jersey where they met each other in high school. During high school, the three made a pact to get through high school, college, and medical school successfully. A scholarship program paid for all three of them to take courses at Seton Hall University. When the boys felt like giving up, they often got advice from a college counselor. After college, Sam and Rameck attended medical school, while George attended dental school. It was because of the pact they made in high school that lead them all to earn medical degrees.

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