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Plot Review of the Book “The Pearl”

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The Pearl starts off with a poor family that runs into a problem. The problem is that their son Coyotito got bit by a posinous snake and they need money so that the doctor will treat him. Kino, the father, went out to find a pearl so that they would have enough money to get Coyotito to the doctor. The pivoting point in the story is when Kino finds the pearl of all pearls , the pearl he finds is huge. The whole town finds out about Kino’s findings, he starts to since an evil feeling comeing from people and the pearl.

When it comes to seling the pearl Kino can’t sell it in his town because all the pearl buyers are working for the same person so they try to cheat Kino, but he doesn’t sell the pearl. He then tries to go to the city to sell the pearl but before he can go he is attacked by someone trying to steal the pearl from Kino, Kino had to defend his self by stabbing and killing the attacker.

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Plot Review of the Book “The Pearl”
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So he has to flee the town because there are trackers comeing after him, his wife, Juana insist on going with him so they flee up to a mountain to get away from the trackers. There were three trackers , two on foot, one on horse with a rifle. Kino decided to attack them while they were sleeping, so when he attacked them Kino first tried to get the man on horse, in the struggle Kino killed the trackers but his son was killed by a bullet. Kino then threw the pearl away. Kino is a determined man , and he does what he thinks is right, like on selling the pearl to the towns pearl buyers. He has a small mustache and short black hair.

Juana, kino’s wife has long black hair and smart.

A conflict in the story is when Kino had a choice between selling the pearl to the pearl dealers in his town or to sell it some place else. Alothough the towns people thought Kino should have sold the pearl to the dealer for the little amount he offered Kino, but Kino did what he thought was right and did not sell the pearl.

I thought the pearl was a good story. There were some parts in the story that I got bored of reading because it wasn’t keeping my interest. Most of the book was good, I thought that is showed how people in real life act when they have the chance to get some money. Like how the doctor wouldn’t treat Coyotito until he found out that Kino had found the pearl, and even then he had tricked Kino. ————————————————————–

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Plot Review of the Book “The Pearl”. (2019, Jan 18). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/the-pearl-2/

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