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The Possibility Of Evil

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However, she never expects that she would get caught someday by her secret actions until she receives a t retreating letter that tells her to be aware of what used to be her roses. Throughout the story, there are three themes about life lessons that the readers should not ignore: “always chi eek personal belongings carefully before leaving,” “underneath the good moral, there is a b ad one,” and “be kind to people. ” The first theme is that people should always check their personal belonging gas carefully before leaving.

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The Possibility Of Evil
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This theme is inferred because it is not stated in the story, and it means that if someone is too careless to check his/ her personal things, other people might find out his/her secrets and spread them out to others. Jackson describes Miss Strangeness’s carelessness in detail when she drops one of her letter out and does not hear someone is c ailing her to tell her that she drops something, “She slipped her letters into the slot, and two o f them fell inside.

The third caught on the edge and fell outside, onto the ground at Miss Strange earth’s feet.

She did not notice it wearily Miss Strangers turned to go home to her b De in her lovely house and never heard the Harris boy calling to her to say that she had droop De something” (Jackson 6). Because Miss Strangers is careless to check out if her three m ails has all fallen inside so she let the Harris boy knows her secret. “She began to cry sill .NET for the wickedness of the world when she red the words: Look out at what used to be your roses” (Jackson 6). This quote shows that the discovery surprises Miss Strangers greatly because she never Imagines that she might get caught for once.

So, “always c heck personal things before leaving” is an important lesson for those who want to hide their secrets. Another theme is that underneath the good moral, there is a bad one. It m means that even Hough how much good and generous people are trying to be, there is always the possibility of evil existing deep inside their souls. No one can know who they really are. The IR external appearance may kick nice, innocent, but deep inside, they can be lustful, evil, and jealous with others. And if someone believes them so much, they can will hurt him/ her deeply.

This theme is not stated directly in the text. Miss Strangers looks like an innocent NT old lady who is just proud of her town so nobody imagines that she has a dark secret under ornate all of that. She watches and sends everybody anonymous letters to inform them their mi deeds or warn them about the rumors that bad things can happen to them that may not be t rue, “She had been writing her letters sometimes two or three every day a week, sometimes no more than one in a month for the past year. She never got any answers, of course, because SE she never signed her name” (Jackson 5).

Miss Strangers tells many times in the story that she just wants to protect her town from evil. But clearly, she enjoys hurting people an d feeling like she has power over them that she needs to know anything happening in her town , “This was, after all, her town. ND these were her people; if one of them was in trouble, she o ought to know it” (Jackson 6). Her letters cause stresses and chaos in the town and make people panic for nothing. In the reality, Miss Strangers does not know that her “careful” act Ions are definitely not helpful as she is thinking they are.

In other words, how many p people are able to see if a person is truly kind or he/ she has something else behind that kindness? The last theme that can be identified through the story is that as long as p people are kind and friendly to others honestly, they will get loved and respected wholehearted idly. Being kind goes not only mean just in order to get loved by someone but it helps you a I to under unexpected situations. Life is a mirror, how much people treat others well, the e best return they will receive, “Kindness in words creates confidence.

Kindness in thinking create profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love” (Ala Thus). This is another refer red theme of this short story. Miss Strangers always says good morning and asks after everyone’s health a friendly action that not everyone can do. It is right to say that many p people, from kids to adults, love and respect her honestly, ‘A half dozen people turned away fro the shelves and counters to wave at her call out good morning ” (Jackson 2); or “There WA s always a group of young people around the post office…

Most of the children stood baa KC respectfully as Miss Strangers passed, silenced briefly in her presence, and some of the e older children greeted her, saying soberly, “Hello, Miss Strangers” ” (Jackson 5). Although Miss Strangers has a dark harbor that she enjoys writing people anonymous let terse, she is still a wallpapered lady in the town because of her friendliness. And that is why be ins nice to people is a fundamental way to help someone gets loved by others.

The Possibility of Evil” by Shirley Jackson is a meaningful story which descry bibs an old lady’s true personality that no one expects. As readers keep reading the most ere Of this literature, they can observe how the main character changes to a whole differ .NET kind of person while evaluating her strange action toward her town in the depth of the is ironic story. However, through “The Possibility of Evil”, Jackson has interpreted a significant t message about life to readers: a person who can treat others well, even to those who are rude to him/her, is worthy to be respected.

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