Assignment on Leadership

For an example HRS function used specialized HARM software & finance used a specialized finance software package. Specialized functions such as taxing in finance & incentive schemes for employees based on productivity couldn’t be mapped by most of the ERP solution providers. There are three main functions which are product development, manufacturing and marketing. The main propose for product development is to improve the quality of the products and also research other possible ways to improve/ innovate current products.

Main purpose in manufacturing departments is to manufacture products with high quality and also research other manufacturing mechanisms to provide quality products with the minimal cost. The marketing department markets the products produced and also research for potential customers. The main improvement in technology that’s improved the functions in the development process is the tool that is used to design textiles. This tool helps create better designs while minimizing the resources wastage. This tool was designed specifically for Branding and Branding themselves owns the copyright to the software.

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Users can use this software to create new designs, view a retype of the product that will looks like the design when manufactured. This tool enables professionals to create / modify / designs without actually using resources that are far more expensive. Using this tool enables the designers to be far more creative given that there are no restrictions/ limitations and wastage of resources and that a failure wouldn’t be costly at all. Almost all the processes in the manufacturing department are automated except for sewing and some other functions.

Since 2012 Branding has been implementing a sewing machines that are fitted with an electronic chip that monitors and individuals performance o that this data can be used to increase productivity. Technology is used vastly in the marketing process. Technologies such as E-mail, social networking and online sponsoring have enabled the company to reach out to the general public effectively for a less cost. Lewis model of change is adopted by organizations to smoothen the transition process from one technology to another. Transition from one technology can be and decisive.

Using the latest technology will not grantee success and the changes that an employee has to make can affect their individual performance. Lewis model of change adopts four main strategies which are empirical-rational, normative-eradicative, power-coercive and environmental-adaptive. Empirical-rational change strategy focuses on the balance of incentives and risk management, normative-eradicative focuses on the culture, on what people believe in . Power-coercive focuses on the time and the seriousness of the threat faced while environmental-adaptive focuses on the extend of the change. Branding has introduced many technologies over the years.

But one of the most influencing introductions was the CAD (Computer Aided Design) software used to design cloths. This software enables the users to design, modify and make new innovations using a computer rather than using actual resources. This minimizes the time, usage of resources and any failure wouldn’t cost the company. This software has the feature to show a presentation of the end product to that the users have an understanding before the product is actually manufactured. Another feature available is the software’s ability to make accurate designs of the cut pieces so that resources wouldn’t be wasted.

Branding employs technology in the quality assurance process. Before the current process is implemented quality assurance was done manually. This requires a lot of human resources as well as time and money. More labor means that the employees should be paid and the time factor increases the timeline in which the product is made which ultimately results in time and money wastage for the company. With new technology this can be done with little manpower compared to the previous method and the time consumed is much less. Choosing the best approach is very important.

This can be a tricky point because this will determine how the change is absorbed by the employees. Proper transition will help the company and the employees in many ways whereas using a wrong / inappropriate approach might end up in complete failure. (Source: Google mages) (Source: Google Images) Branding been a leading manufacturer of textiles has a high recognitions. The competition for a certain job in high which pressures the employee to perform up to his / her limits. With these types of competitions the company has the freedom to choose between many candidates and this means that the best person is hired for the job.

When introducing a technology like a design software he management strategy that would be used is environmental-adaptive which focuses on the extent of the change. Concerning about the believes, incentives and time wouldn’t be effective since this change is much needed and will only help the company forward. This is somewhat forcing from the employees point of view since they have to adapt as soon as possible. When introducing the technology used for quality assurance it’s a much more complicated process since the risk is much higher compared to the previous change.

When implementing a technology like this the best approach would be to put more souses on the risks involved. So power-coercive approach would suit the company mush better. After caring out a research on Lewis model of change and how it is implemented in real life situations the author has gained a thorough understanding on the subject. The main point is that the approach plays an important role in the success and failure of a technology because ultimately the employees will use the technology. The approach varies from the companies, technology and the employees in the company. Ultimately it is very important to choose the current approach.

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