3 Reasons College is Still Important in Today’s World 

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All around you, ideas and innovative creations appear in our world. With trained professionals, we create buildings, electronics, vehicles, and all sorts of technological advancements. With things becoming more complicated, we need talented people to enter the workforce to help with these things. The problem is with the cost rising, growing student population and more jobs that don’t require a degree, some people begin to wonder if college is really worth it. College is definitely worth it because of improved social life, increased income, and better preparedness and health.

College can help with social life in many ways. In fact, many reports have been created by actual college students. According to Madison Hallett, a sophomore from Colby-Sawyer College in Vermont, one of the main benefits is self-confidence. She states, “Surrounding yourself with people who like you for you boosts your self-esteem and encourages personal growth.” The Seattle Post-Intelligencer news website claims that college can actually relieve stress later in life. It says, “Connecting with other people is especially important for incoming students as they adjust to the realities of new living arrangements and relationships.” The final reason that college can improve social life is how people can experience cultural diversity. In a study at the University of Rochester, lead author Cheryl Carmichael states, “It’s often around this age that we meet people from diverse backgrounds, with opinions and values that are different from our own, and we learn how to best manage those differences.” Because of these records, studies, and personal accounts it is simple to see how college improves social life.

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College can increase income and open more options for careers. According to a 2017 census done by the Census Bureau, a person who attends a two-year college earns an average of $81,300 per year, a person who attends a four-year college or university for a bachelor’s degree earns about $115,900 per year, and the list escalates to $194,800 per year for someone with a professional degree. People with little or no college attendance earn around $20,000 less than someone with an associates degree. Because of this change in pay, it shows how jobs and pay obtained from college experience can be better than jobs and pay made without. Another reason that college is important is a low chance of being unemployed. A 2013 census from the Bureau of Labor Statistics explains how someone with a bachelor’s degree has only a 4% chance of unemployment, compared to an 7.5% chance for someone with no college attendance. College is important in this area because everyone needs to get a good job and pay in order to meet their needs.

College can prepare you for future difficulties and improve your health. According to the Center on Society and Health, people with increased pay can get access to better health care and safer living environments. Those without college experience are much more likely to become sick or injured and might have no money to access medicine or health care. Next, they explain how colleges can have rules or guidelines that can prevent smoking and obesity. People with degrees are less likely to smoke and more likely to exercise. Therefore, they are less likely to develop a life-threatening condition. Finally, the Center for Online Education explains that college can help people become organized in a healthy routine. Sleep, exercise, and planned meals will help to stay away from overeating, tiredness, or laziness. Those without a schedule can have an unorganized life, leading to stress, depression, and exhaustion. College is important in this aspect because it can keep us healthy and may lengthen lifespan.

Because of college, we can improve our own lives, the future, and the lives of those around us. College can help give us important jobs that will eventually benefit everyone. Because of social life improvement, increased income, and better preparedness and health.

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