The Relevance of Hamlet

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Approximately 400 years ago, between 1599-1601 Shakespeare wrote a play known as Hamlet. It is set in Kingdom. Prince Hamlet the main character of the play wants to seek revenge against his uncle, who killed his father to seize the throne and later marry his mother. People to this day still wonder why hamlet four centuries later continue to be relevant in the modern world. It’s a play about family, loss, grief, betrayal and what happens after loss. For instance, is Hamlet still relevance in the contemporary world? Therefore, I will focus on the importance or rather the relevance of Hamlet in the modern world today.

The play remains relevance because of its philosophical and sociological teachings on human behaviours and what it feels like to be human and the experiences. The consequences of madness have on an individual and the entire community at large. Looking at the main character in the play called Hamlet, he remains pertinent to society today in several ways. For instance, he is after revenging his uncle for the murder of this father, he has divided conscience, and people view him as a different person in society. He is a clear definition of many young youths in society today. He displayed human conditions that are still problematic in the community.

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Just when Hamlet had finished speaking to his mother and uncle, who was again his stepfather about how the world has gone fodder. He said, ‘That it should come to this. “In this case, hamlet still could not believe that his mother was married to his uncle, his own father’s brother, Hamlet was shocked, and he even concluded that marriage was in a fury. These are still acts in the modern world where things turn out of control, and relatives kill each other because of wealth. Wife inheritance also exists and hence leaving the children in shock and disbelieve. The modern world is in chaos, and remarriage has taken the better part of the day. Greed still takes over today family murder family over inheritance it happens all the time today.

In act 1 scene 2, Hamlet says, ‘Frailty, thy name is women.’ Hamlet still cannot understand why his own mother could not mourn his father much longer and wants to move on so quickly. He finds his mother debilitated and not a patient woman. Gertrude, who is Hamlet’s mother, remains relevant to society today in many ways. Gertrude abandoned the mourning session of her husband so quickly and didn’t think of the wellbeing of her children. In the modern world, mothers with such acts leave their children in anger and confusion, feeling of their mother’s quick remarriage, as we see very often today. Making very parable relationships between parents and children.

“To be, or not to be, that is the question.” quoted by Shakespeare, which were the exact words said by Hamlet. These words are mostly used in the modern world in academic work. Hamlet was lost and was thinking of how to commit suicide. He is more frustrated because he cannot act according to his revenge plans. He, therefore, wonders if his life is worth suffering or he should end it all, he continues to have mixed emotions throughout the play. The character depicts the kind of experience the youth in the new life pass. In cases of frustration and depression, an individual more often considers suicide. They relate their struggles with the struggles that all mankind share, and they conclude that death is the only solution there is.

Hamlet is seeking revenge for his father’s death but can’t make up his mind, he knows right from wrong and the consequences moreover Hamlet can’t be quite sure of his own motives and if the ghost of his father is in fact real or even being honest.

Hamlet helps us to understand the behaviours within ourselves our strengths, weaknesses and will power, to act or not to act in certain horrendous situations, how do we respond in such situations? And wondering what the purpose of life is after enduring such tragic events and betrayal. Certainly, we have all been in situations where we were unsure of what to do or how to act. it is all within your willpower of how you respond to situations. On a deeper level the play describes what people can relate to and is described in such detail in such an honest way, which is clear and easy to understand. And has a massive impact on our language

In conclusion, Hamlet remains relevant in the modern world because no one would ever wish would endure such betrayal, and for some in society people do still seek revenge on similar situations. Society is full of revenge and murder cases. Therefore, Hamlet’s life is a true definition of the philosophical growth of youth in the community today. He can speak for all ages from primary to retirement. He touches on things to do with being human in different time periods and cultural periods. Shakespear has become a part of our culture and will endure until the end of time and a piece of literature. Which is why this makes for such an extraordinary play that is still popular today.

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