The Resouces And Capabilities Of The Coca Cola Business

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Coca-Cola Company is known to be the universes most popular drink. Coca-Cola ( Coke ) – the first and the most celebrated trade name of them was invented in 1886. After 127 old ages, it is still the most popular drink in the universe with 26 % market portion. Besides, the company besides owns more than 500 drink trade names included some celebrated 1s such as Fanta, Diet Coke, Sprite, and so on. Their merchandises are sold in 200 states around the universe ( Coca-Cola Company, 2013 )

Gross one-year gross diagram

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During 4 old ages from 2009 and 2012, Coca-Cola show the upward tendency in one-year gross. In 2011, 26.7 billion coke bottle is consumed. This figure is higher than 1 billion units compared to 2010. Gross rose more than $ 11 billion. Upward tendency continued until 2012, grosss reached about $ 48.2 billion ( The Coca-Cola Company, 2013 ) .

Soft drinks market portion diagram

( Beginning: Statisticbrain, 2012 )

It can be seen that the chief rivals of Coca-Cola is PepsiCo and Dr Pepper. Particularly, PepsiCo owns three well-known trade names included Pepsi, Mountain Drew and Diet Pepsi.

This assignment is to understand the resources and capablenesss of Coca-Cola. Furthermore nucleus competencies was identify in order to assist company keep their advantages to vie with Pepsico and Mountain drew


Resources of Coca-Cola

Resources could be classified into 3 classs name Tangible, Intangible and Human ( Grant, 1998 ) . In order to hold an overview of Cokeaa‚¬a„?s resources and schemes, it is necessary to concentrate on the three sorts of above chief resources.

( Beginning: Grant, 1998 )

a/ Tangible resources

These contain fiscal resources and physical resources. In 2012, Coca-Cola earned $ 8.6 billion net income. The market value is estimated at $ 158.8 billion ( Forbes, 2013 ) .

Coca-Cola owns the strong and sustainable fiscal resources. They use strong fiscal resources to put one million millions of dollars in major markets such as India, China, Russia and a few possible markets such as Vietnam. Investment money is used to construct the trade name, substructure and to develop close spouse to spread out distribution web. Coca-Cola owns the modern caput office is divided into four section including gross revenues, HR, selling and ICT. Each section is equipped with the appropriate installations for the work of that section. Besides, Coca-Colaaa‚¬a„?s mill contains two chief parts production and ICT. ICT section merely serves to look into merchandise quality. Otherwise, in the Production section, modern machineries were invested ( Olkarinaite, 2010 ) .

b/ Intangible resources

Technological resources and repute of Coca-Cola are considered as intangible resources. In term of technological resource, Coca-Cola invest to overhaul machinery

All stairss in the production procedure is about to the full automated. Coca-Cola can speed up the production procedure, to maintain the merchandise quality stable and unafraid working environment ( Olkarinaite, 2010 ) .

Furthermore, Coca-Cola keep expand its web of intercrossed engine truck.It non merely helps Coca-Cola saves fuel costs but besides help cut down harmful emanations to the environment ( Eaton, 2012 )

Coca Cola researched and produced the PlantBottle aa‚¬ ” the greenest bottle. This sort of bottle more eco-friendly due to high decomposition and recycling capablenesss. ( Coca-cola,2013 )

In term of repute, Coca-Cola Company has existed for more than 127 old ages. It has become one of the top 3 most valuable trade names in the universe. Coca-Cola merchandises are popular and widely used in more than 200 states Coca-cole is the merchandise of the most consumed drinks. ( Coca-Cola, 2013 )

94 % of the universe population of the ruddy and white logo of Coca-cole ( Business insider 2011 )

c/ Human resources

Employee battle is really of import to Coca-cola. Their success depends on their motive for employees.Therefore, Coca-Cola frequently organize the trial to cognize the degree *of battle and satisfaction with working conditions. From that given sensible steps ( Coca-Cola, 2013 ) In add-on, they besides attempt to construct an ideal workplace where people like constructing gym, coke, free fruit with a flexible on the job clip. Besides, the preparation and development activities besides are focus8.They motivate talented staff preparation by paying them a attractive wage to larn and exciting new occupation chances. ( The Coca-Cola compan, 2013 ) .

Coca-Cola is a transnational company with a entire figure of staff is up to 146,200 ( Forbes, 2012 ) .This figure of employees come from different states with different socio-economic conditions and different civilizations. Therefore, Coca-Cola recruited human resources director from around the universe to identify manage employees in their ain state. Furthermore, Coca-Cola organize international preparation classs to make an international direction squad, and besides place endowment director into senior places ( Krmreport, 2013 )

Capabilities of Coca-Cola

First, the strong fiscal resources of Coca-Cola are mentioned. With such a fiscal strength, they can continue to develop the market on a big graduated table in many states. The money ‘s used to construct substructure, staff preparation and development of the distribution web. Even they can to the full bear the losingss for a long clip to put into the possible market. More peculiarly, Coca-Cola had lost 10 back-to-back old ages in Vietnam with a sum of about 200 million States ( Tuoi Tre News, 2012 ) . However they have continued to denote farther $ 300 million investing in Vietnam for three old ages from 2013 to 2015 ( Zacks equity research, 2012 ) Furthermore, they can utilize the fiscal resources to implement assorted advertisement schemes by ads on telecasting, newspapers, magazines and postings. In fact, Coca-Cola advertisement budget in 2011 range to $ 3.2 billion.

In add-on, Coca-Cola owns an efficient organisational capableness. They can run more than 100 1000 people and offers the accretion of more than 500 trade names of soft drinks in about 200 states around the universe. Their merchandises appear about in eating houses, supermarkets, film, school or even peddling machines on the route. Coca-Cola ever knows how to shorten the distance of the client with their merchandises ( The Coca-Cola Company, 2012 ) .

Coca-Cola is one of the three most valuable trade name in the universe. Brand repute is being established after more than one century. It can be consider as nucleus competence of Coca-Cola. They have a batch of loyal clients. Thus they can gain stable net incomes from these loyal clients to develop company. Besides trade name name consciousness of Coca-Cola is much higher than other rivals. Other clients tend to take familiar merchandises ( Kotler and Keller, 1996 ) . Therefore, Coca-Cola merely based on their repute was able to make a clear competitory advantage.

Coca-Cola builds a positive and unfastened working environment where employees can portion thoughts every bit good as the blunt remarks ( Coca-Cola, 2013 ) .It can assist companies happen new concern thoughts every bit good as endowment in the company. On the other manus, the employee ‘s blunt remarks to assist Coca-Cola can see the job to be solved. So Coca-Cola has more originative and fix jobs early.

Furthermore Coca-Cola is besides keeping a batch of gifted employees around the universe. Because Coca-Cola applies the scheme of talent localisation successfully.Each clip they enter a new market they recruit a batch of local staff in order to increase the ability to understand new markets, so the ability to perforate new markets is unusually fast.

Competitive Advantages

General trade name of Coca-Cola will convey them sustainable competitory monetary value, . Direct rivals of Coca-Cola is Pepsi and Dr Pepper. Two companies could non compare with Coca-Cola trade name value. With more than 50 billion dollars, the monetary value of Coca-Cola trade name about 3 times Pepsico about $ 16 billion ( Forbes, 2012 ) . Furthermore, fiscal resources and technological resources can be considered as sustainable competitory advantages. Financial resources besides create immense competitory advantage. They use the financess to put in other possible markets such as China, India and Russia, with a sum of about $ 10 billion ( Zacks, 2012 ) . Furthermore, one million millions dollar is spendt for one-year advertisement activities.In add-on, Coca-Cola usage engineering resources to analyze new trade names to increase fight with Pepsi and Dr Pepper, They find it barely to copy because of immense cost In add-on to the squad of endowments from around the accomplishments and cognition of the local market. They could make a enormous competitory advantage. Coca-Cola can shorten the clip to come in the market and easy derive a larger market portion in new markets.


Overall, this assignment collected from the beginning paperss related to the resources of the Coca-Cola as fiscal, physical, engineering, repute, civilization and human resources. From at that place, we can see the capablenesss of Coca-cola. They have a strong fiscal capableness, a esteemed trade name, a gifted and diverseness human resources with understanding the market, a positive work environment and an ability to form effectual distribution. From capablenesss and resources, we can find the sustainable competitory advantages of Coca-Cola.Depend on V.R.I.N model, they need to be rare, non-substitutable, non-imitable and valuable. These sustainable competitory advantages contain high trade name value, unigue engineering, strong fiscal resources and successful endowment localisation. Because of these advantages, Coca-cola can keep their place in market portion.

However, Coca-Cola should non rest on the triumph. They need uninterrupted invention to make new merchandises besides keeping the quality of the nucleus merchandise such as Coke, Diet Coke, or Fanta. Besides, they need to put in research of new merchandises and production methods friendly to the environment.

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