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The Transformation of Colonial Virginia by Settlers

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The Transformation of Colonial Virginia In 1606, hundreds of settlers went on a Journey from England to the Virginia colony. They were In search of a new life, and wealth. Early on In their Journey, they stumble upon many hardships, as expressed by George Percy (Doc. B). By the use of the indentured servants and slaves they were able to change the Virginia colony by basing their economy around tobacco. During the beginning of their voyage, the settlers met countless poverty. (Doc. A). They were jam-packed on ships, with transmittable diseases feast very effortlessly (Doc.

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The Transformation of Colonial Virginia by Settlers
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D). There was little food, so many of them died of starvation. When they finally arrived, they were introduced to even more diseases. On top of starvation, and chronic diseases, some died in wars. After they reached Virginia, they were given contracts with different people who had already settled there (Doc. E). With the use of tobacco, they were able to completely alter their economy. The demand for tobacco products In Europe was increasing, and the Virginians knew It.

They began to focus most of their attention on tobacco plantations.

They had created one of the first products to be marketed with name- brand advertising (Doc. H). The economy was taking off, and the tobacco plantations were expanding so they needed more workers. Fortunately, approximately fifteen hundred indentured servants were coming from England, Scotland, and Ireland per year according to Governor William Berkeley (Doc. G). These settlers also changed the colony of Virginia socially. When they first arrived, the population of Virginia was basically zero, excluding the Native Americans.

Within 71 years, there were approximately two thousand black slaves and six thousand Christian indentured servants. The population had also reached forty thousand people (Doc. G). Everybody was allowed to have arms and ammunition excluding Negroes. Even more, all children born in the country will be alleged to be a slave or free under the circumstance of their mother. Parents tried to baptize the children to see If It changes their outcome. It doesn’t alter no matter what. After analyzing countless fascinating articles, I’ve came to the conclusion that people had hardship, growth In economy, and Increase of the salve labor.

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