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The Trojan Horse: a Sneaky way to end Conflict



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     The Trojan Horse: a Sneaky way to end ConflictCunningness can be considered as one of the most powerful weapons a man could ever possess in battle.

    There was such a man who was able to devise a plan in order to bring down the city walls of Troy. He was Odysseus, one of the many general kings of Agamemnon as portrayed in the movie Troy. Odysseus created the so-called “Trojan Horse”, which luckily became their ticket into Troy. When Homer materialized the Trojan horse in his “Iliad”, others that followed used it to describe a sneaky device (e.

    g. Trojan Virus) or plan. The Trojan horse has been remarked as cowardly, something that is not honorable in battle. Although it may have been such a coward act that is despised by honorable men, it was still the best way for the Greeks to reach victory.

    In the epic battle of Troy, the Greeks rammed into Trojan shields without even succeeding in pushing them back; as seen in the first Greek attack of Troy in the movie “Troy”. It was careless and costly for the Greeks as wave after wave were pushed back by Trojan shields and spears, as well as massacred by a rain of arrows from the Trojan walls. In the movie, Achilles was on a nearby hill watching the slaughter whispering “Get back” as if warning them to retreat and form a better line for an assault. So the Greeks were battered, and morale was fading.

    In the movie, Odysseus was inspired by the man carving a wooden lion, to create the Trojan horse. They created the horse, hid their ships on a nearby cove, and finally got into the city walls. At night, they opened the gates and thousands of Greeks came rushing in for the pillaging of Troy, avoiding further casualties from their side and finally conquering Troy.If the Trojan horse was not devised, then the Greeks will suffer tremendous casualties and will ultimately lose morale.

    Agamemnon’s empire would have disintegrated right there at the battle of Troy. Due to the creation of the Trojan horse, the Greeks were able to subdue Troy.ReferencesRathbun, D. (Producer), Wilson, C.

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    The Trojan Horse: a Sneaky way to end Conflict. (2017, Mar 11). Retrieved from

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