Theories assignment

“Moving towards” people see others as potential resources who can support them and help reduce their anxiety of being along so they seek love, approval, and someone to get close with in order to save them. 3. Samara’s self-image is not an accurate one. She does not have a very accurate idea of who she is. She is very insecure and relies n other people to help build her up therefore she is not able to realize her own potential and achieve self-realization.

According to Hornets theory, there is a discrepancy between Samara’s idealized self versus the real image of herself. Samara’s idealized self was created to overcome Samara’s feelings of inferiority and makes her try and possess all great qualities. This is the reason she is doing everything in her power to make her boyfriend at the time happy and doing all things for him. It is also the reason that Samara never thinks she is doing anything wrong. On the other hand, Samara’s real self is the reason behind all of her self-criticism and hate that is driving her towards always needing to be loved.

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Her ideal self is taking over her real self and is what is controlling her behavior and actions. 4. For Samara, there is a huge discrepancy between her organisms self and her perceived self. Samara’s organisms self is who she actually is, so she according to the reading Samara is someone is comes across as very insecure, demanding, lonely, and protective. She tries too hard to make her boyfriends happy. Her ideal self is the person she really thinks she is. Samara never understands why boys don’t love her and why she isn’t married yet even though us as readers could tell right away what the issues were.

Samara doesn’t understand her organisms self and that is what is causing Samara’s loneliness. 5. Another theory that could be useful in describing Samara is Abraham Mascots hierarchy of needs, which states that people possess a set of motivation systems unrelated to rewards to unconscious desires. Samara is constantly looking to make herself happy and is relying on other things besides her own self to become happy. According to this theory Samara is stuck on the level of love and belongingness needs meaning she is seeking friendship, intimacy, affection and love.

The reading says that Samara is rarely ever alone because once her and a boy break up she immediately goes on to another boy. 6. Carl Rorer’s phenomenological theory is something that could change how Samara saw herself, her boyfriends, and how she acted towards her boyfriends. The concept of self-actualization refers to someone moving from a dependent person to an independent person and focuses on someone reducing their tension and heir needs, which will help bring them more pleasures and satisfaction.

Right now, Samara is also tense because she is worry about how to make another person happy hoping that their happiness will make sure they keep loving her. If Samara were to develop more confidence and trust she would be able to see all the good things she has going on and all of her strengths that will allow her to become a more independent person. Once she is able to do that she will be able to find someone else who will love her and they can have a much more healthy relationship than she has had in the past.

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