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Thomas Offenburger

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Elements of WritingPersonal EssayMr. MyersMarch 3, 2008 The CookingThe cooking is a tradition in my life by helpers of my stepfather,mother, and grandparents. In addition, they supported my goal will havebeen becoming a successful, when I have been a professional Chef. I wantedto describe about my experience and grew up in my story.

In the first time, when I was a young kid (5 year old), and mystepfather taught me how to cutting any vegetables and fruits at thekitchen in our house.

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Thomas Offenburger
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He was behind of me and his hands held on my arms tocutting those.

So, that helped me to learning how to carefully with theknife and making shape of the foods look like nice. Well, he not gave meready to learn how to cooking because I was very young right now. I was sopatient and desired to do cooking, but I wanted to have hurried that I willhave been becoming older.

In many years later, my heart was started bright, that my mother gaveme readied to cooking at the kitchen in our house. In the result, shetaught me how to making foods and cooking; including, mac cheese, Asianfood, sausage, pizza, spaghetti, and another. However, we were shared withour recipes and making something. Later I can had been to cooking all bymyself, and I always had been easy to making the mac cheese, sausages,green bean, and chicken with rice. That had been to improving to learninglittle more time and fun.

When I was 14 or 15 years old, my grandma showed me known how tofollowing the direct on the recipes, and I had been learning about units ofthe measurement included with teaspoons, tablespoons, and cups at thekitchen in her house. Although my grandma and I were together too shareddifferent of the recipes, most of us that we had been making varieties ofthe dessert in many time. In someday, I had been making the chocolate chipcookies, brownie, chocolate cake, and peanut cookies.

On Thanksgiving Day, both of my grandma and grandpa gave me thespecial foods that I can had been making a pecan pie, a pumpkin pie, and ajelled cranberry with pecan. In addition, my grandpa did cutting a turkeywith his special knife, so that he showed me how to cutting it for latertime. But I must have to known that a knife was warning, when he told methat. I remembered that my grandma gave me learned how to making a pecanpie included: sugar cane, maple syrup, eggs, and melted-butter. It wassounded smelling maple and tasted so delicious. Furthermore, made of thepumpkin pie, including, sugar cane, pumpkin puree, flour, vanilla, groundginger, eggs, butter, and ground cinnamon. It was smelled looks like sweetpumpkin. Another one made of the jelled cranberry mixture with choppedpecan that was taste so bitter and sweet nuts. Those were easier way tomaking that was fun.

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