Essay About My Goals and Ways to Achieve Them

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My goals during away rotations are to gain insight as to how life could be as a resident of the program, broaden my clinical skillset, and to discover the type of emergency medicine that best suits my personality. Based on my research of the UCSF-Fresno Emergency Medicine program, and the city itself, I genuinely believe I would be happy doing a residency in Fresno, and would enjoy the opportunity to experience both firsthand.

The aspect of the program I am most excited about is the potential to gain a tremendous amount of clinical experience. Part of my interest in emergency medicine stems from the acuity and diversity of cases. Fresno’s geographical location lends itself to a diverse population consisting of both city and rural problems. When paired with the high-volume of visits, this mix of issues will certainly test my adaptability and give me insight into whether I prefer community vs. academic hospitals, and city vs. non-urban environments. Additionally, due to the low-density of specialists in the Central Valley, it is my understanding that there is the unique, but ample, opportunity for observing and practicing procedures that would otherwise be delegated to consult services. And it’s certainly something I look forward to taking full advantage of if given the chance. Together, these experiences will bring me closer to discovering what type of emergency physician I should become.

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Additionally, I believe I would enjoy living in Fresno based on my personal background, hobbies, and hearing the trusted opinions of people familiar with the area. I grew up in an area where the population consisted predominantly of lower to lower-middle class families (expanded on in the optional essay below). So, while Fresno may get a bad rap from Californians, the city sounds very similar to my hometown; it’s a place where I can feel comfortable and can connect with on a deeper level. Having said that, I have heard many positive things about Fresno that make me excited about living there. First, there’s the big city-feeling without the traffic or cost-of-living. As someone who has experienced Seattle and Washington D.C. traffic, these are huge positives. Also, I would be interested in buying a house during residency, and it sounds like this would be feasible in Fresno. Second, I am a huge fan of cooking, videography, and photography. The city’s agricultural backbone and proximity to national parks is a stunning combination for people with similar hobbies: farmers’ markets with the freshest ingredients and iconic backdrops of nature.

Overall, I have a strong interest in the UCSF-Fresno EM residency program and can imagine myself living in the area. With a 1-month elective rotation, I hope to learn a lot about myself, the city, and whether I am a good fit for the program.

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